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3D Rendering Services

We are an Architectural Visualization Company offering photorealistic 3D Rendering Services to clients globally. Our high-quality Architectural Renderings spanning across residential, commercial and institutional structures have enabled builders, realtors, architects, and interior designers to showcase their output before the onset of project.

We create picture perfect architectural 3D visualizations, aerial renders, walkthroughs, animations and video tours that help you market and sell or rent your property and secure local body permits. You can use these high-quality images to advertise your property on various social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as well as in traditional print media such as brochures, newspapers, etc.

We work on your requirement diligently in terms of camera angles, perspectives, color combination, entities, materials, lighting etc. to create photorealistic renders that comprises of exterior rendering, interior rendering, aerial renders, floor plans and walkthroughs. We simply require a rough sketch or design specifications to conceptualize any kind of Architectural infrastructure.

We specialize in creating lifelike digital representations of buildings, furniture and products that create an impact in terms of the presentation of the conceptual designs. Our team of architects, interior designers and 3D visualization artists continuously strive to upgrade their skill sets and work according to latest Architectural trends.

Our 3D Rendering Services include

Exterior 3D Renderings

Exterior 3D Renderings

We provide high resolution and photo-realistic Architectural Exterior 3D Rendering Services as per the client requirements. These renders capture the building façades and landscaping along with its neighbourhood such as fences, vegetation, waterbodies, buildings, etc.

Interior Renderings

Interior Renderings

Interior Renderings created by Tesla showcase the interiors of a building as per the layout plan. This image captures the interiors of a single room or multiple rooms along with furniture, entities etc. as per the day or night view.

Site Rendering

Site Rendering

We can create a topographical surface with varying elevations from 2D CAD file, develop the site by adding building elements, building mass, retaining walls and even trees. We can also create existing and new site conditions based on our client’s scope of work.

Furniture Rendering Services

Furniture Rendering

We are experts in developing 3D furniture models and renderings for renowned furniture manufacturers, interior designers and architectural firms. Our Furniture Rendering Services are unique and developed keeping in mind the client requirements, trending designs and overall interior set up of a residence or commercial premise.



3D Walkthrough is a valued deliverable wherein the client can take a lifelike virtual tour of the unbuilt property through a video. The virtual tour of the building helps the buyers to gain the actual feel of the layout and features of the property before construction commences.

3D Product Rendering Services

Product Renderings

We are experts in providing 3D Product Rendering Services for electronic equipment’s, machine prototypes and other components that need to be manufactured. We can develop any 3D product prototype using sketches, dimensioned pdfs or AutoCAD files.

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We Provide 3D Rendering Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments

What are 3D Rendering Services?

3D Rendering refers to the process of giving a photorealistic feel to any building or surrounding with adequate textures, material finishing, lighting and illumination. The material in question used in a building or product should exactly correspond to the real material. This process is extremely useful for the presentation of building designs, sites etc.

3D Rendering Services can be primary requirements for Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate companies, Product Designers, Manufacturing firms etc. Architectural 3D Rendering is mostly used for presentation of building designs. These help in visualizing the building aesthetically much before the construction begins. The benefit we get out of this is that we can change layouts, colors, furniture placement, type and lot of other elements in the design stage itself. This makes it very easy for the Interior Designers to plan and implement the designs during the construction.

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