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6D BIM Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services provides intelligent and integrated BIM solutions to help contractors, owners and project stakeholders in creating sustainable buildings. Our team of highly qualified engineers and architects develops BIM Model that stimulates the capabilities of achieving sustainability goals for energy-efficient buildings. Our BIM Engineers and Architects create a virtual building model wherein the owners, stakeholders and the facility managers acquire relevant information from the building model to get building design manageable. We use sustainable materials during the design process to get energy-efficient buildings that improve environmental impact on lifestyle and health of the occupants.

Tesla ensures to overcome the sustainability challenges and adhere to the importance of affecting the lifestyle and health of the occupants along with the surrounding areas for which we lay our extended support towards design planning, evaluation, analysis and verification of getting energy-efficient buildings. We deliver quick 6D BIM Sustainability Energy Analysis for residential, commercial, industrial buildings, hospitals, education centres and public works.

We Provide 6D BIM Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments

Benefits of 6D BIM Services are

  • It aids in getting feasible and effective asset management through 6D BIM Model.
  • 6D BIM Model can provide a lifetime virtual building model to access relevant information for incorporating the energy analysis simulation.
  • The Integrated BIM or green building concept can reduce the overall energy consumption of the building model.
  • Drive quick and accurate decisions related to component designing and installation of sustainable materials during the design process is attained through creating 6D BIM Model.
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