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COBie Modeling Services

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie Services is a data exchange standard that is used in construction projects to gather information on the construction materials and equipment to be used in the project lifecycle. The facilities manager stores this digital information for their operation & maintenance use during the function of 7D BIM projects.

COBie in simple terms, is a spreadsheet that stores digital information on the materials and equipment of a building once it has been completed. It was developed to improve the building process for the owners-operators initially and could be used in other spreadsheet applications like Excel, Google doc, etc. Construction professionals can collaborate and put this document together which is updated during the function of construction phases and can be later handled to the client.

Tesla works on the information provided by the client on product data sheets, equipment lists, materials lists, etc. All this information is used for 3D Revit Modeling which can be used for operations, maintenance and asset management once the built asset is ready. Our BIM Experts deliver quick asset management solutions and uniclass code.

We provide COBie BIM Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments

Benefits of COBie Documentation Services

  • COBie spreadsheet helps the purchaser & supplier to communicate with each other easily and know the materials requirements of the projects, its Bill of Quantities and the cost of the materials.
  • It provides the stakeholders and other team members to easily access the spreadsheet of the project and get relevant information to carry out the project.
  • It helps to track asset management and from the BIM Model, we can link the project’s operation and work collaboratively with all the disciplines.
  • It saves time and reduces rework cost as all the updates made in the model can be easily tracked and changed in the spreadsheet.
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