Myths associated with Outsourcing BIM Services

Myths associated with Outsourcing BIM Services

India has today successfully established itself as a hub of IT support, talent and innovation. Outsourcing in India is not just one of its largest job markets but it is also one of its most successful ones. From knowledge process outsourcing to information support and customer service India is the preferred outsourcing partner of some of world’s largest brands. Initially, its appeal was in its cost-effectiveness but over the years the country’s ability to be innovative and agile, its customer centric working methods and its availability of skilled resources has made its appeal undeniable.

The AEC industry is also slowly but steadily entering the digital age. Today, most of the construction companies utilize CAD, BIM or 3D visualization solutions at some point of their project. With a dearth of trained resources, high investment costs, lack of time etc. it is not always possible for AEC companies to have a fully functional in-house team of CAD and BIM drafters. It is here that they can always outsource to India and optimize their preconstruction process! However, when it comes to outsourcing to India there are still three myths that many companies operate under. In the current article we aim to debunk the myths that are associated with outsourcing preconstruction services.

There might be potential Language Barriers:

First and foremost the biggest myth is that Indians cannot communicate in English effectively. However, India has progressed drastically from the 90’s when outsourcing to India had started. Various colleges and universities in India offer architecture, designing and engineering courses in English. So couple that with a proper schooling in English language then the AEC professionals from India have fluency in English as well as can use the right technical terms required.

Outsourcing results in low quality:

In a study by Deloitte it was found that 260 of Fortune 1,000 companies selected India as their ideal offshore outsourcing partner. One of the main reasons attributed to it has been the highly specialized and technical workforce most of them offer. In fact, with outsourcing you can get access to experienced and specialized team of professionals. Since they have worked on CAD or BIM Services projects around the globe they can provide unique and quick solutions. Moreover, the reasons why they feel the quality is low could be due to the low prices. We are wired to think that low costs are associated with lower quality of product. However, the difference in price here steams as a result of varying labor costs, cost of living, monetary value etc. It has nothing to do with quality.

Time zone difference could post a problem:

Another problem that many companies believe could occur is with regards to collaboration due to time-zone differences. India is uniquely situated on that. Many outsourcing companies today schedule their office hours of employees in the manner that they are working approximately 16 hours a day. So this ensures that there are some corresponding hours with major countries like UK, USA, Canada, Europe etc. This way they can communicate their plans during the working hours and while they are off the clock their outsourcing partner in India can get the work done.

Data Security might be compromised:

The companies are bound to be concerned about privacy and risk of data breach and that might cause them to turn away from outsourcing. However, it is important to note that outsourcing companies go to great lengths to ensure the privacy and confidentiality. They practice stringent security measures, sign NDAs etc. in order to ensure that confidentiality is not compromised at any point.

Outsourcing their BIM and Drafting Services requirements could potentially have a lot of benefits. It could help them increase their profit margins as well as increase the quality of their deliverables.

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