4 Advantages of using BIM for Infrastructure Projects

4 Advantages of using BIM for Infrastructure Projects

BIM Technology in the 21st century has become widely adopted in the construction sector. It has however seen a more mainstream application in vertical construction. Its various time and cost saving advantages have drastically altered the way buildings are planned, designed and constructed. But, it’s important to know that its applications extend beyond the construction of buildings. With the modern infrastructure projects becoming more complex BIM Services for Infrastructure could enhance project collaboration, reduce errors, increase cost predictability etc. 

In the current article we state the four main advantages that BIM offers to infrastructure and civil projects.

1. Reduced Errors

When it comes to infrastructure and civil projects BIM could end up becoming a game changer. Whenever new roads, bridges, tunnels etc. are proposed it is imperative that the proposed design doesn’t clash or dissect any existing infrastructure. BIM allows to properly visualize the existing infrastructure and provides information that can be crucial to plan and create new designs. Similarly, the virtual 3D model makes it possible to spot any errors in the designing phase itself. Mistakes that are discovered and corrected on field are exponentially more expensive.

2. Better Project Understanding:

Most infrastructure projects are government approved projects that require various permits and approval. It also involves many stakeholders who are not always AEC professionals. In these cases for a layman to understand 2D blueprints might be difficult and could lead to miscommunication. Today BIM can be used with augmented reality and virtual reality in order to help properly visualize the final design. It also makes it possible to see how the finished project with look along with the existing infrastructure.

3. Time and Cost benefits:

The more complex and large any project is there are also more elements involved in it. Any error in even a small part of the project could lead to a cascading effect which causes time and cost ramifications. However, with 4D and 5D BIM Services it is possible to not just get proper scheduling and cost related information from the get go but it is also possible for project managers to keep a track of time and cost throughout the project. With 4D BIM it is possible to link all time related information in order to detect workflow clash, mitigate risk and to ensure that the project timeline is being consistently maintained. With cost estimation and quantity takeoffs it is possible to know the budget right from the project onset, check design alternatives and their cost implications etc. Moreover, since the cost is directly connected to quantities any change in quantity will lead to a change in cost. This way there are no unexpected surprises at the end.

4. Renovation of Infrastructure:

A lot of current infrastructure like roads, bridges etc. are in need of renovation. When it comes to renovating or reconstructing existing infrastructure using Scan to BIM could prove to be extremely advantageous. It provides accurate information about the current condition of the infrastructure which allows engineers to complete the project more quickly. When it comes to renovation of roads, bridges, tunnels etc. time is of essence as during that time, traffic will have to be redirected causing inconvenience to the people. Point Cloud to BIM for infrastructure allows carrying out quick and efficient renovation.

Construction companies can take the above points into consideration and start using Building Information Modeling for their infrastructure and civil projects.

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Dhvani Badheka
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