The importance of nurturing client relationships in the outsourcing model

The importance of nurturing client relationships in the outsourcing model

Outsourcing is a business practice where in a company’s certain services or job functions are contracted to a third-party supplier. Companies today choose to outsource a variety of their functions like accounting, distribution, security etc. In the construction sector also, outsourcing is gradually becoming a norm. In fact, one of the most common areas of outsourcing for AEC companies are their BIM and CAD requirements.

In the current article we will be looking at the reasons why AEC companies choose to outsource, state the importance of client relationships as well as talk about how outsourcing companies can forge lasting partnerships.

Why do AEC companies opt to outsource their CAD and BIM requirements?

There are a variety of advantages that AEC companies gain by outsourcing their BIM and CAD Services. For most companies whose core deliverables are not CAD or BIM might find it difficult to specially hire and train a team of professionals. It would also be quite expensive for them considering the software and hardware requirements coupled with costs of salary, leaves, bonus, office space etc. Instead, it would be more cost-effective form them to send their project requirements to a third party who specializes in it and only pay for the given project. This is compounded by the fact that outsourcing to certain countries with lower currency value could provide additional cost savings.

Along with it being more lucrative, outsourcing also allows companies to get the best quality. CAD and BIM companies hire a team of architects, engineers and BIM modelers who have the domain specific knowledge as well as experience in the area. It means that they have worked on various projects of different complexities and can provide better solutions in quick time.

Why are client relationships crucial?

It is imperative that AEC companies who send their project requirements to a whole different country know that they are in safe hands. They are investing their time and money into the company and any error could delay their project easily. It is thus crucial that they should develop trust. Moreover, developing a good relationship and ensuring client satisfaction means that they will not just direct all their future requirements to you but also provide good recommendations. In the ever-competitive world of BIM and CAD the word of mouth holds a lot of weightage.

How to develop lasting partnerships?

Attracting clients is one area of business but keeping them is a whole another game. Most companies today value customer services and would pay a little higher for a better experience. Below we state four ways in which CAD and BIM companies can enhance their client relationships:

1. Be Accessible:

The very first step of building trust is to be accessible. Provide a single point of contact who is fluent in English and can clearly understand client relationships. The person must be updated on the project so that they can in turn keep the client updated. The project manager must answer questions of the client no matter how frequent, keep them in the loop and be available to discuss any issues they might be facing.

2. Set clear expectations:

A lot of time dissatisfaction occurs when there are unrealistic expectations are set. The companies must set clear and achievable goals. This could be regards to timeline, costs etc. Deliver what was promised and that will activate goodwill and trust.

3. Follow up and get feedback:

Also, the aim of client relationship is to ensure that once the project is completed you still remain in contact with client. By asking for client’s feedback and accessing their level of satisfaction it shows them that their opinion is valuable. It also creates a space for open dialogue. Finally, it could help the company improve on their strategies and performance.

4. Focus on quality:

In the end the company’s work should speak for itself. The focus should always be on getting the best quality deliverables in the stated turnaround time. Delivering quality outcomes is one sure shot way of ensuring client satisfaction and it almost always leads to repeat clients.

Today, with CAD and BIM gradually becoming essential for any construction the demand of outsourcing companies is only going to increase. Ensuring that each client is satisfied could go a long way in setting the company apart from their competition. Tesla Outsourcing Services is an architectural and engineer company offering comprehensive wide range of CAD and BIM solutions including Scan to BIM, Structural BIM, MEP BIM, Revit Family Creation,Architectural BIM Services etc. We have due to our client centric approach been able to forge lasting partnerships with global client base. We have completed over 1000+ projects across residential, commercial, industrials and infrastructural sectors.

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