The second wave of COVID-19 in India and remote working

The second wave of COVID-19 in India and remote working

The second wave of COVID-19 in India has been unprecedented and far more damaging than its first one. The situation has seen a lot of private organizations go back to a working model that had become prevalent for most of 2020. Going back to remote working just when things had started to return to normal seems like a major step back, but it is the need of the hour. The aim now is to ensure the safety of the employees without compromising on quality of deliverables. Since most of the companies now find themselves in a situation which they are unfortunately quite familiar with, they already have well defined strategies and action plans in place to ensure optimal functioning and maximum client satisfaction.

Role of Building Information Model in remote working:

The construction industry has inherently been very hands on – working from trailers, jobsites, offices etc. However, 2020 brought a monumental shift where many companies were forced to look at new ways to work in the face of the pandemic. The advancing technologies in the construction sector became a much needed elixir transforming what would have perhaps been an impossible situation into a productive process. BIM Services have been at the core of this by providing the AEC all the tools they would need to work collaboratively and communicate effectively. Revit Server for instance allows multiple members located across the globe to work together on a single Revit model. Similarly, BIM 360 connects the BIM team to data in real-time so that they can all be on the same page and make informed decisions. It allows them to plan, design, schedule and manage the construction process. BCF Manager makes it possible to manage the BIM project more effectively by detecting issues in the 3D model and ensuring that they are directed to the right person and resolved on time. Also, by detecting and resolving the majority of errors in the preconstruction stage reduces the time spent onsite. BIM can also be used for easy presentations, monitoring, enhanced safety of onsite workers etc.

Thus, the very process of BIM doesn’t require teams to be in the same location and allows the stakeholders located in different locations to work together productivity. However, there are some other things that BIM companies can always keep in mind when it comes to remote working.

Communication is the Key:

The company’s leadership will have to ensure that the team members are able to communicate effectively and quickly with each other. It involves deciding common applications which are secure so that the team members are available on them during working hours like skype, slack etc. The teams should be able to have discussions with visual help so that they can plan, review designs, brainstorm etc. The management should at the end of the day be alert always aware of what is going on where and ensuring that the team is working effectively.

Choosing secure cloud-based tools:

The foundation of remote working lies on cloud-based programmes. It is of critical importance that the team members are able to access any document that they would require like bids, specs, 3D models, renderings etc. with speed. Moreover, when team members are located in different places it is essential that the company has an effective cloud storage software that allows multiple team members to work on a document at once or even assign notes that their co-workers can review. Here the role of the BIM coordinator becomes important as they may need to set folders, define rules of management to keep the process standardized etc.

Nurturing Client relationships:

Clients especially for outsourcing services are located across the globe. It is essential that they are assured that their project is in safe hands. It could include sending reports to clients with updates, being available for video calls or instant messaging whenever they require etc. Keeping the clients constantly updated ensures them a peace of mind and goes a long way in securing a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship.

About us:

Tesla Outsourcing Services is a BIM and CAD company providing BIM, 3D Rendering and CAD Services. We have completed over 1000 projects over the past 13 years for clients in US, UK, Europe and Canada. With our production studio located in India we have also had to adapt to the situation outside. Our business continuity plan is fully in place and allows our teams to conduct ‘business as usual’ with a mix of working remotely and in-office safely. We remain hopeful for a better and safer future and till then we shall do our best to remain accessible to our clients while maintaining all protocols for the safety.

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