Structural CAD Services- An Integral Part of Construction Industry

Structural CAD Services- An Integral Part of Construction Industry

Construction industry of which Structural CAD Drafting Services is an integral part has acquired a unique identification in field of real estate. Structural CAD Services are frequently used in the various disciples of engineering and technology in order to develop various kinds of digital structures. Structural CAD services are a handful of procedure employed for construction of buildings or structures. Structural CAD services play a crucial task in providing optimum stability to buildings. Structural engineers employ CAD services in order to execute 2D drafting, 3D modeling, steel detailing, shop drawings, construction documentation, fabrication drawings and structural analysis.

The overall procedure for digital designing may possibly be carried out in accordance with the specifications with in fraction of time by implementing advanced and innovative CAD software’s such as AutoCAD, Revit structure and so on. With the advancement in technology Structural Engineers are utilizing these latest software’s for accurate building construction. Enlisted below are some of the Structural CAD Services widely employed for building structures:

Structural Design Drafting:

Structural drafting is a technique of transforming engineer’s estimation as well as sketches into comprehensive presentations. After receiving detailed presentation Structural Drafters generates Structural Drawings. Drafting acts as a bridge between Engineers and Builders. CAD design and drafting have crucial role in different engineering areas like structural design and building design.

Structural Steel Detailing:

Structural Steel Detailing Services is most significant and intricate aspect of all structural projects. It ensures building stability therefore it ought to be accomplished with utmost accuracy.  Details of every steel member as well as their connections are assessed by means of structural steel detailing. Various computerized Software’s such as Xsteel and Tekla are extensively employed for implementing precise steel detailing. Prior to the commencement of steel detailing, a professional steel detailer needs to have comprehensive knowledge regarding various international standards and codes.

Structural Analysis:

Structural analysis is the method to anticipate the behavior of building pertaining to certain factors. Survival load of any building could possibly be computed by means of structural analysis. Response of building structures to various external factors such as internal and external forces, stress, external loads are analyzed with the help of structural analysis.

Construction Documents:

These days Construction documents are gaining a great deal attention of builders. It may be referred to as set of several documents that incorporate building plans together with other supportive documents. This procedure is also being employed to make bidding documentation. Construction Documents incorporate Plan views, Elevation views, Side views, Sectional views and Top views.

Steel Fabrication Drawings:

Steel fabrication drawings are the group of drawings that corresponds to all building components. Fabrication drawings provides you with details such as steel component detail, connection details, anchor bolt setting plans, column connection and erection drawings.

Rebar Detailing:

Rebar detailing may be referred to as a steel bar detailing utilized in reinforcement concrete structures. Rebar detailing drawings incorporate joint as well as slab details, bolted steel connection details, cross section details and retaining walls.

Thus, Structural CAD services facilitate us with vital information pertaining to building designs and performance of building accordingly. Structural CAD Services ensures Stability against various external forces and loads, reliability as well as safety and strength of the building structure.

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Divya Dave
Divya Dave is a Senior Manager with Tesla Outsourcing Services. An engineer and management graduate, she has been working with the outsourcing industry now for more than a decade. With a passion for writing, she writes on topics that provide an insight into CAD, BIM, and 3D Visualization services for the Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines. Her focus is to enable architects and engineering professionals in the AEC industry to adopt the right technology so as to increase their efficiency and profitability.

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