Why are Steel Detailing Companies important?

Why are Steel Detailing Companies important?

Structural Steel Detailing Services are mandatory and extremely crucial when it comes to the erection of any commercial, residential or industrial structures. It requires the highest level of accuracy, nearly 99% and there is no scope of any errors as even a tiny mistake could lead to the loss of valuable time and money. Considering the level of expertise and experience it takes to gain almost 99% of precision a lot of fabricators, engineering firms, construction companies would choose to send their project requirements to a steel detailing company. A reliable and experienced partner could bring enormous benefits to your project. From providing accurate and code-specific 2D drawings to accelerated schedules and financial savings here are the four advantages of using a reliable steel detailing company.

How can Steel Detailing Companies provide better quality deliverables?

In order to construct homes, industrial structures, bridges, schools etc. there need to be in-depth and precise 2D drawings like Shop Drawings, Detail Drawings, Erection Drawings etc. Shop Drawings specify every detail of individual steel pieces and components that need to be made by the fabricator. This includes material specifications, surface specifications, welding, bolting etc. Similarly, erection drawings state the location of each component. Today, the practice is to use 3D modeling software to create a 3D model with even the smallest details like connects, bolts etc. from which 2D drawings are extracted. A company would require drafters and engineers with high level of skill and expertise to create information rich and precise 3D models from which accurate 2D drawings can be extracted. To retain a team of this level of experience will be difficult for a company whose main work is not in steel detailing. It is more ideal and cost effective for them to pass their requirements to a company specializing in this. A good Steel Detailing Company would hire a team of structural engineers with proper qualifications and provide them with the right resources so that they can effectively analyze complex design issues and provide solutions that would lead to better project returns. Moreover, the company would have a team with domain specific knowledge across diverse domains like architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, various construction materials etc. allowing them to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions.

Steel Detailing project also requires the knowledge about proper standards and codes like AISC, BISC, Australian and Canadian codes. This requires extensive domain specific knowledge. Along with it the company must also stay updated on the changing market trends and patters. A company which works on a variety of steel detailing projects across the globe will always stay on top of the market trends. They also ensure that their team members attend seminars, conferences etc. which allows them to get better exposure. Moreover, since they have a vast experience of working on various projects they might be able to find better and more operative solutions to any project.

Steel Companies can lead to better financial savings:

To create accurate models and 2D drawings requires a significant investment of time and resources. The company must invest various hardware and software requirements as well as in training and maintaining the team. All this for services which might only be required periodically. They can instead simply outsource their requirements to a trusted and competent steel detailing company who can simply provide you with the best solutions without having to worry about any other costs or management problems. Their experience and expertise would translate to lack of errors onsite. Finally, it ensures that you can completely focus on your core expertise allowing you to get the best out of your project!

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Tesla Outsourcing Services is a leading BIM company that provides standardized and detailed Steel Detailing Solutions. We work with fabricators, engineering firms, construction companies and structural design companies globally. Our consistency, quality and precision combined with our client centric approach makes us one of the leading Steel Detailing Companies globally. 

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