What is the secret behind a successful BIM Company?

What is the secret behind a successful BIM Company?

To set up a successful business requires a lot of perseverance, effort and patience. It is no simple task and involves a lot planning and effective management of time and resources. When it comes to the highly competitive AEC industry the challenge is not just to start a business but also to keep it running. It would require a fine tuned marketing strategy, a skilled team and the ability to stay current. Moreover, the focus and efforts multiply when it comes to a highly specialized and fast-paced field of BIM Modeling Services. With more companies today moving from CAD to BIM the market will only get more competitive and BIM companies will have to strive hard to stand apart from their competition.

1. Clear Marketing Focus:

It is essential to recognize which kind of clients and projects are more profitable and valuable in the long run. Instead of having a broad marketing message it is always beneficial to hone the marketing message. It would also involve recognizing and understanding your client’s online activity, their needs and unique requirements and then formulating your message in a manner that would appeal to them. For instance, a BIM company must look at which countries use BIM, whether it is more used in a smaller projects or larger projects, if BIM is used for a particular part of the building’s lifecycle etc. Recognizing the market requirements could enable them to better reach out to their target audience and grow.

2. Stay Current:

This is a two-fold process. The first involves the constantly evolving BIM process and technology. It is essential that BIM company is on top of all the new plug-ins, methodologies and processes that are prevalent in the market. It enables them to serve their clients in the best manner possible in the least amount of time. The second refers to exploring areas of potential growth. The constant advancements taking place in the field of BIM means that there are always new areas where the company can carve their niche. Even in BIM there are a lot of specialized areas like Facility Management Services, 4D and 5D BIM etc. A company could allocate a small department which is involved in the process of exploring and improving their scope in these areas.

3. Analysis of competitors:

It is important to stay aware of who your competitors are and what are they doing. That means figuring out how they are positioned, identifying their pricing and marketing strategies, understanding their strengths and weakness etc. The company should also understand their own unique selling points and build on that to gain an edge. We don’t operate in silos and healthy competition can always strive a company to become better.

4. Client Satisfaction:

The pillar of any company’s success are their clients and as lucrative it is to gain new business it is also equally advantageous to develop mutually beneficial partnerships which could lead to repeat business. The BIM company should right from the start work with their clients to create well defined goals and timelines which should be followed throughout the project. They also be well aware of all the codes and compliances and have necessary quality checks in process to ensure that the client gets error-free deliverables.

5. Team:

The team is what drives any company towards success. The BIM Team should have clear roles and responsibilities and they should work together to achieve their common end goals. A good team is ideally a mixture of experienced staff who can train and guide the next generation and the young professionals who are more experimental and eager to make their mark. They should not only have proper domain specific knowledge and software skills but also have the adequate soft skills which allow them to better communicate with the clients. They should look at not just completing their work but also constantly update and better themselves.


These are not some strict points that a BIM company must follow but they could act as a potential guide for success. There are always various other factors beyond the company’s control which cloud also be a key determinant to a company’s success. 

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Dhvani Badheka
Dhvani is an irreverent writer who has over 4 years of experience under her belt. She is a life-long learner and a quick study which provides her articles a unique insight. She is always reading, researching new materials and trying to expand her knowledge of the AEC industry so that she can create interesting and valuable content.

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