4 Reasons why you should Outsource your BIM requirements

4 Reasons why you should Outsource your BIM requirements

The past year has made it apparent that the future of construction is digital and the driving force behind it is BIM. In a recent study it was found that the global BIM market is expected to reach 4210 million USD by 2024. However, with increased demand there are bound to be some problems like lack of skilled professionals, cost and time restrains etc. Most companies might find it difficult to maintain a full-fledged in-house BIM team and keep up with the constantly evolving and updating BIM market. It is in this situation that companies might find it more lucrative to outsource their BIM requirements.

In the current article, we will be looking at the 4 reasons why outsourcing BIM solutions could be advantageous for construction companies.

1. Allows to focus on core competency:

At the very essence of outsourcing BIM requirements is that it enables the companies to not shift their focus from their core competency may it be remodeling, road construction etc. For instance, a company who specializes in renovation can send their 3D laser scans of the building to be renovated to the BIM company providing Point Cloud to BIM Services. A good BIM partner then takes over all the management hassles and simply provides you the final product at the stipulated time and cost.

2. It is profitable:

Another advantage of outsourcing BIM requirements is that for most companies whose main focus is anything other than BIM can find it more profitable to outsource their BIM requirements to a third party than to hire a BIM team. The company who has an in-house team of BIM professionals must provide them with salary, paid leaves as well as invest in BIM software, their office requirements and provide them with training etc. This could prove to be financially draining. By outsourcing they can simply pay for the project they require and not have to worry about their overhead costs. Moreover, by outsourcing to other countries with a lower currency exchange rate could be an added monetary advantage.

3. It increases quality:

Outsourcing to a good BIM partner could have a major benefit. Their experience and domain specific knowledge would mean that they are able to complete a project more efficiently. Since their focus is BIM and they cater to different companies it is possible that what might be a unique project for you might be something they have already worked on. They can also channel their expertise to provide you with different options and solutions. Moreover, it is only with the right experience and expertise that that BIM professionals can learn tricks of the trade that can lead to more realistic and error free BIM models in quick time.

4. Faster project delivery:

This is a twofold benefit. Firstly, you can improve your turnaround time by choosing a BIM partner that is located in a different time zone. Secondly, their expertise would also translate into less mistakes and errors which would ultimately lead to fast project delivery.


In today’s word the digital technology has made it very simple to communicate with people in different continents while increasing globalization has reduced language barriers. Thus, looking at its advantages there are no real reasons why you should be hesitant in outsourcing BIM Services.

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