Benefits of Outsourcing Scan to BIM Services to India

Benefits of Outsourcing Scan to BIM Services to India

In this fast paced world as the companies grow in size their needs become more specific and at the same time their overheads increase and consequently their profit margins reduce. It is here that outsourcing becomes a lucrative option. Outsourcing is a business practice in which a particular job or project requirements are given to a third party. Today, it is used by a variety of industries like IT, retail, media etc.

Talking about the construction sector specifically outsourcing here has become quite popular. With the digital twin technology and its cloud-based collaborative platform it becomes easy for companies to outsource their BIM requirements. The reasons are numerous from gaining access to skilled and experienced staff to low costs and no operational hassles. In this article we will be looking at the advantages of outsourcing Point Cloud to BIM Services and why India can provide a competitive edge to the AEC firms.

Outsourcing Model for Scan to BIM:

Scan to BIM is process of 3D laser scanning a structure or a site and creating a BIM model from the resultant point cloud data. Scan to BIM requires a lot of skill, experience and judgement to effectively understanding the point cloud data, to model confined zones etc. It also requires considerable hardware and software investments which would be extremely costly if Scan to BIM is not one of the core services offered by the company. All these reasons are perhaps why outsourcing is a more beneficial option for construction companies looking for renovation, retrofit, remodelling, as built or facility management of any building or structure.

1. Outsourcing is cost-effective:

Outsourcing can lead to a higher profit margins. Firstly, in order to download 3D laser scans there needs to be an investment in high-end computers, more storage space and fast paced internet speed. On top of that there is the BIM software and the in-house team of BIM technicians necessary to create the 3D models. A team also means office expense, salary, paid leaves etc. If all these investments are made just for a few projects, then it could end up costing more money to the AEC firm. Outsourcing on the other hand means that whenever there is a project requirement the company pays only for the stipulated, agreed upon cost and not worry about any additional costs or overhead expenses.

2. Increased focus on core competency:

Once the project is outsourced to a reliable partner all the worries of how the project will be completed in a given timeframe and cost will fall upon the BIM company. They also take over other aspects like resource handling, allocation of work, ensuring quality etc. This allows the AEC firms to concentrate on their main offered services may it be remodelling or retrofits of old buildings, road construction, facility management, interior designing etc.

3. Increased Efficiency:

More than the cost it is about the quality of the services that are provided in a quick timeframe. The BIM Company providing Scan to BIM Services would ideally have an experienced team of architects, engineers and MEP technicians who can use their domain specific knowledge to work together and provide quick outcomes. Their experience and expertise not just translates to speed but also means that they could have more experience in dealing with complex Scan to BIM projects and can leverage their experience to provide unique solutions.

Why outsource to India specifically?

The question does arise about what makes India an ideal place for your Point Cloud to BIM requirements? Firstly, India has a wide talent pool of skilled employees who work tirelessly and dedicatedly with the aim of providing the best outcomes. These people often hold degrees from some of the world’s best universities. Moreover, India has in the last two decades become increasingly globalized and modernized and there are no more language barriers. People in India can today easily communicate in English ensuring that all the project details are properly understood and translated into exact project outputs.

Moreover, the difference in cost of living, the value of Rupee at the international level and the higher availability of a skilled staff means that the cost of labour is lower in India as compared to the other more advanced economies. By outsourcing to India, AEC firms can take on this added advantage and increase their profit margins along with get access to a skilled team.

To conclude, it is also imperative to state that outsourcing today is no more a challenge. In this increasingly connected world it is possible to make fast and clear video calls and stay updated with every aspect of the project.

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