The benefits of implementing 5D BIM during the construction lifecycle

The benefits of implementing 5D BIM during the construction lifecycle

5D BIM is the development of fully valued parametric building components within a virtual model. It takes into consideration that any change in the materials, layout, design of an element will not just affect the appearance of the building but also its cost. An integrated 5D BIM enables project managers, planners, and quantity surveyors to provide resource-loaded schedules, accurate cash flow forecasts, detailed project risk analysis, and even resource forecasts. Finally, highly accurate estimation is also pivotal for bids and tenders and for ensuring that the project stays on budget throughout its lifecycle.

5D BIM Services has been a game-changer for cost managers. In general, it adds much more flexibility to their work and considerably improves their decision-making process. It also allows them to gain more control over the venture’s financial plan. Below we highlight the importance of 5D BIM and how it augments the construction process: 

Benefits of implementing 5D BIM:

1. Change in Quantity Take-offs as per Design Modifications:

The number of materials required, the capital costs of purchasing it and installing it as well as the cost of running and renewing it in the future are all considered in the cost estimation. All this information is linked to the particular component. Any change in the component or the design will automatically lead to a change in the information associated with it. This change is also reflected in all associated documents, schedules, and other measurements used by an estimator. Since take-offs and measurements are directly taken from the virtual model – the final output remains precise.

2. Accurate Cost Estimation:

Since the components of the building are accurately identified from the 3D models, project stakeholders can develop a reliable cost estimation which reduces the chances of risks and wastage. The project managers can also get regular cost reports which enable them to keep a track of predicted spending in comparison to actual spending at any time of the project. Thus, they can ensure that the project is always on budget.

3. Faster Decision Making:

5D BIM also provides automatic notification when changes are made. The visual and intuitive nature of 5D allows the stakeholders to identify risks early and make better-informed decisions. Also, each decision with BIM is transparent and everyone is on the same page so there is no chance of errors arising out of miscommunications. Faster and informed decision making optimizes the speed of the project.

4. Material Management:

The quantities that are extracted from the BIM model can be used to generate a material management sheet. The site team can from that extract the required material quantity at any point in the project cycle. The exact quantity of materials can help reduce waste and save cost as well as makes the process of material procurement easier.

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