In what ways you can make Entry Level Construction drawing by using AutoCAD?

In what ways you can make Entry Level Construction drawing by using AutoCAD?

Construction Drawing Services in any construction project describes the entire project meticulously. This drawing provides you each and every dimension of all components, assembly details, manufacture details, colors, installation process details, location of each elements, etc. Nowadays construction drawings are generated by using various CAD technology based advanced software.

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD Services software that is appreciably used for creating these drawings. Now we will discuss how to make entry level construction 2D drawings using AutoCAD software –

  • At first, open the AutoCAD Architecture software, now press ‘Ctrl + 3‘ button together for hiding the Tool palette and press ‘Ctrl+5’ for displaying the Project Navigator palette on the left side of the screen. You can also open the Project Navigator palette from the Quick Access Toolbar by clicking on it.
  •  Click on the Construct tab within Project Navigator palette
  •  Make a right-click on the Constructs folder, select New from the drop-up menu and then the Construct tab
  •  The Add Construct panel will be opened on the screen and in this panel, override the default value of the Name field with the name ‘Entry Level’. At the Assignments panel, Under Main Building turn on the checkbox that indicate the Ground Floor level as well as Entry Level. Turn-off the ‘Open in drawing editor’ checkbox and click on OK.
  •  After the above step, you will be in the Project Navigator again. In the Project Navigator, you can see the newly given drawing name ‘Entry Level’ under the Constructs folder.
  •  Now make double click the Entry Level icon and open the drawing
  •  The opened drawing will be blank. You can see the drawing name on the top of the File Tab

How do you insert Column Grid into your AutoCAD Drawing?

  • Go to the Project Navigator and make a right click on the ColumnGrid element and select Xref Overlay command from the drop-up menu
  •  The ColumnGrid will be inserted into the Entry Level drawing and you can locate its X, Y position. In the lower status bar, you can see an icon which indicates to ‘Manage Xref’ i.e. you can make an external reference efficiently.
  •  Click on the ‘Manage Xref’ icon, the AutoCAD External References dialog box will be opened
  •  Now go to the top of the ColumnGrid drawing line, in the lower field, click on Type to check that the Xref type is Overlay and not Attach
  •  Now close the External Reference dialog box and save the drawing by using the Save command

Autodesk AutoCAD is very useful software for creating CAD drawing, construction drawing, etc. AutoCAD’s advanced features help to ease your work to a great extent. Tesla Outsourcing Services has expertise developing precise CAD 2D drawings and construction drawings using AutoCAD. We provide CAD & BIM outsourcing services to all clients globally at low costs.

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