How Bill of Quantities facilitate effective building construction?

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A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is basically a document which is used for making a list of required things that are utilized during construction of any building. In this document, you will get comprehensive information of required construction materials, man powers (i.e. labor and other resources), overall project costs, costs to accomplish each project module, etc.

BOQ documents are amongst the important elements of a Construction project. In Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry, BOQ documents are created for executing various Architectural BIM Services, Structural services including Steel Detailing services, MEP services and BIM services.

In Bill-of-Quantities documents, the terms and conditions of all types of construction related works are included in detail. Professionals follow these documents strictly while they execute project works.  Hence, BOQ assists you in understanding what you need to do for new constructions as well as existing building renovations.

This document also provides you detail information i.e. work details, item details, etc. about each individual module. So, BOQ documents assist professionals in estimating budgets for each module and the whole project appropriately. Thereby, BOQ helps professionals in doing effective bidding on their works.

BOQ documents are created by Quantity surveyors, contractors, building estimators, construction professionals, etc. The size of a BOQ and its contained information length depends on the size of the project. Even a single BOQ document can be of 10 papers as well as can be of 100 papers too.

Description of each needed material and other item in this document can be explained with one line and also can be explained in detail i.e. all information and specification related to that item are mentioned minutely. In a BOQ document, all these items related details can be in table format as well.

Based on BOQ documents, Engineers can make an estimation of project timelines and budgets. To prepare this document precisely, Engineers as well as other construction professionals need to have comprehensive knowledge. Drafters, Engineers and Architects also need to update themselves regularly with latest industry trends, material and service prices, labor cost, etc.

Bill of Quantities for any construction project can be developed with an ordinary spreadsheet program or with specific software’s that are especially made for generating BOQ documents. An accurate BOQ document helps you in improving your work quality while an erroneous BOQ makes huge loss in your project.

Many BIM firms and professionals provide building information modeling services along with BOQ services, but not all firms or professionals provide high-quality services. So be careful before making any kind of deal with any company.

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Divya Dave
Divya Dave is a Senior Manager with Tesla Outsourcing Services. An engineer and management graduate, she has been working with the outsourcing industry now for more than a decade. With a passion for writing, she writes on topics that provide an insight into CAD, BIM, and 3D Visualization services for the Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines. Her focus is to enable architects and engineering professionals in the AEC industry to adopt the right technology so as to increase their efficiency and profitability.

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