CloudWorx in AutoCAD enables users to operate with laser scan data

CloudWorx in AutoCAD enables users to operate with laser scan data

AutoCAD, a product of Autodesk Inc., is a software application and it is used in generating 2D or CAD Services of any real life object. It also helps in making computer aided drafting, engineering drawing, floor plan drawing, 3D model of any type of object such as building, furniture, machine, mechanical products, electrical equipments, etc. effectively.

What is CloudWorx plug-in?

CloudWorx plug-in is a product of Leica and it is very significant and well-accepted plug-in software of AutoCAD. CloudWorx plug-in enables users in working with the point cloud laser scanning process generated point or data in 2D system. Firstly, any object or building is scanned using a laser and the scanned data are imported directly to AutoCAD.

Leica’s CloudWorx and effective Cyclone point cloud engine assists users in viewing the as-built point cloud data and users can also create multiple designs from these data. This plug-in allows users in creating different types of view such as elevation, section (i.e. section along with X axis as well as Y axis), floor plan, etc. from the designs.

How CloudWorx plug-in works?

When you install Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD in your system, the menu bars and toolbars will be installed successfully within the AutoCAD application. Within AutoCAD, the captured point cloud data resides as read only format i.e. the data are unchangeable.

Therefore, you can only view or utilize these as-built point cloud data. Hence, you cannot perform any kind of modification or deletion of any point which belongs to the existing cloud. Hence, it is clear to us that within AutoCAD, the original point cloud always remains same. CloudWorx can efficiently work with massive data sets like 1000000 or more points.

Advantages and flexibilities provided by CloudWorx

  • Can perform quick manipulation of laser scan data in AutoCAD
  •  Assists users in making slices of point cloud data and users can effectively auto-fit 2D lines, arcs, polylines
  • Enables users to check clashes efficiently
  • Provides accurate tie-in facility
  • Helps users in producing precise 2D designs by utilizing the point cloud data

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