Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Healthcare Industry

Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Healthcare Industry

BIM Services provides enormous advantages like reducing project costs, save time, etc. in constructing buildings. It enables you to develop any level of complex building design, e.g. skyscrapers efficiently. Therefore, it is appreciably implemented across Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry for developing any kind of building such as residential, commercial, schools, colleges, hospitals, factories, etc. These days, BIM is doing remarkably well in growing as well as advancing healthcare industry.

Application of BIM in Healthcare

BIM modelling has a remarkable implication in the aspect of healthcare industry development. In developing any healthcare construction, cost estimation, construction scheduling and facilities management analysis are very essential to be performed accurately for controlling quality of a building.

A completely coordinated BIM design and model helps you to form general ideas of the hospital or nursing home capacity. Hence, you can understand how many patients can be stayed together along with how many staff as well as doctor can work together utmost. From a BIM model, you will be able to know about material allotment, entire mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) activities i.e. drainage system, drinking water distribution system, etc. So, you can relate all the components of the whole system with each other which enables you to perform meticulous analysis of that system.

Healthcare MEP BIM Services assists to increase construction quality. One of the prime advantages of healthcare 3D modeling is that it strengthens the coordination of any kind of complex building system and helps to obtain full 3D visualization of a building along with its entire members as well as non-members.

According to Mammen, who has actively worked for various BIM-designed hospitals including Comer Center Children and Specialty Care at the University of Chicago Hospitals, says that “An office building may have four moving parts, whereas a hospital will have 50 or 100 moving parts.” To develop a complex designed hospital, the collaboration among Architectural professionals, Structural professionals and MEP professionals is needed significantly.

BIM Benefits in Healthcare Development
• Reduces construction schedules
• Eliminates the chance of occurring interferences between MEP and Structural components
• Reduces the possibility to recreate construction designs
• Provides real-time 3D coordination visualization of any designed hospital i.e. provides clear vision
• Helps to sort-out any design related issues easily and fix these issues effectively
• Allows project’s authorized members to make seamless communication with each other
• 3D BIM walk-through video enables you to walk virtually throughout the entire building
• Helps to create spatial planning diagrams

BIM hospital building 6D analysis empowers you to optimize the building’s sustainability i.e. you can visualize how much natural light and air will enter inside a room as well as corridor, and their effect on the room. So, it will empower you take decisions of whether these rooms will be suitable for patients or not. 6D BIM also makes you able to ideate the impact of corridors, rooms and exterior designs on patients.

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