Significance of Structural Steel Detailing Services

Significance of Structural Steel Detailing Services

Structural Steel Detailing is a process of creating detailed drawing of a steel based structure. It helps an engineer to get comprehensive ideas of how all steel components will be utilized collectively while a structure is being developed.

Steel detailed drawings also facilitate engineers to gather know-how of connection details within components along with assembled components detail and parts detail. Steel Detailing Services are usually provided by steel fabrication companies. One who makes these drawings professionally is known as Steel Detailer.

Usage of Structural Steel Detailing Services

Generally, Steel detailing services are extensively used for Civil and Construction Engineering Industries. It is being widely used in the aspect of structural BIM services as well. Detailed drawings of steel structures mainly incorporates planning ideas, Bill of-Materials (BOM), dimensions of all steel components, location of components, materials specifications, welding and bolting details etc.

Some common examples of these drawings are bridge structure design, structural frame design, steel connection detailing, Anchor bolt setting drawings, column connection detailing, beam connection with concrete wall detailing, sheet metal layout drawings etc.

This drawing can be classified in two types –Shop and Erection drawings.

  • Shop Drawings – It describes detailed drawings of each individual steel part such as joists, trusses, rebar, column, beam, handrails, stairs etc.
  • Erection Drawings – It helps to get thorough the idea of where and how the steel pieces have been erected together within the structure. Steel detailer should be very careful while determining the dimensions for each component; otherwise it will be very challenging for developing accurate building structure and can result in huge loss as well.

In BIM services, structural steel detailing services are used to perform detailed structural analysis of a building, BIM structural shop drawings, structural steel assemblies, detailing structural components, rebar detailing, beam calculation, steel buildings and steel furniture drawings etc.

Some of the Key advantages of steel detailing services are:

  • It helps to construct robust building structure
  • Used in the field of diverse industries like Aviation, Automobile, Marine, Shipbuilding, Chemical Plants etc.
  • Enables engineers to estimate required materials thereby helps in saving project cost
  • Assists to get  clear perception of a planned structure

Software requirement:

Software’s that are required for detailing services of steel structures are:

  • AutoCAD
  • SDS/2

This software effectively empowers us to make 2D and 3D modeling view of steel detailing drawings.

Tesla Outsourcing Services offers high-end and cost efficient steel detailing services to the clients across the world. We have expertise in delivering all kinds of steel detailing services in 2D and 3D CAD Services related to structural building by using all latest software’s.

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