How does 7D Facility Management help in Building Maintenance?

How does 7D Facility Management help in Building Maintenance?

Building Information Modeling Services have transformed the fields of architecture, engineering and construction. The promise of BIM is to not just to provide accurate timely and relevant information during the design and construction of the building but also during the entire life cycle. This is made possible with an effective implementation of 7D Facility Management.

What is Facility Management?

7D Facility Management is a process of using BIM model for management of the building. Here, all the parameters that are associated with various components of the building are integrated in 3D geometric models. This helps the facility managers achieve their goal of making a building energy efficient, productive and comfortable. It is also more cost effective than the traditional methods.

The BIM model digitally creates a data-rich geometric model that can be used to monitor and share information across entire building life-cycle. BIM is also useful in managing facilities for a building that were not created using Intelligent 3D model. This can be achieved by proper analysis of original retrofit plans or by 3D laser scanning. 

BIM for FM is an emerging area and there are still a lot of studies being conducted on the subject. However, there are a many benefits which can be associated with 7D Facility Management.

Benefits of BIM Facility Management:

1. Effective Space Management:

It is imperative that the facility manager understands how every single detail of a space is utilized in a facility. BIM allows a complete visualization of the entire space so that it can help building managers plan and make ideal use of the available space. This helps in making the building cost effective by reducing real estate costs, expenses and vacancy.

2. Improved awareness of asset location:

A BIM model provides valuable details regarding all the visible and hidden components of the building. It means that BIM allows to see what assets are behind a wall or ceiling. Thus, when conducting any repairs or renovations the person can easily detect and target the required location. Moreover, each equipment element can have its own ID for faster search. Any changes in the element location during any retrofit or renovation can also be reflected in the BIM model to ensure it stays relevant and updated.

3. Streamlined maintenance by providing asset information:

As stated above that all components of the building are mentioned in the virtual 3D model. This means the facility manager can with the help of BIM gain all the information about the asset, may it be about its performance, condition, physical dimension or important documents. Facility managers can thus easily gain information about product, schedule maintenance and upgrades and save time and efforts it would take to search by more traditional methods.

4. Saves Energy:

One of the tasks of any facility manager is to analyze and compare various energy alternatives. BIM can help reduce environmental impact effectively analyzing and comparing all the parameters and key metrics regarding energy and its consumption. It also locates areas where energy consumption is high and then alternatives can be check out virtually on the 3D Model before actually implementing it in the building.

5. Enhances Life-cycle Management:

Data on replacement cost and life expectancy of any product helps the owners and managers make decisions regarding long-term investments in systems and materials. Understanding the durability, resilience, and guarantee of the product helps make an informed investment into building products and components. This helps improve the quality of life and well-being of people as well as reduce operational costs during a certain time of the building life-cycle.


Thus, BIM is not just useful in one phase of the building but with 7D Facility Management Services it can be leveraged to ensure that the building is managed and runs effectively. Tesla Outsourcing Services is more than a decade old architecture and engineering firm that has worked with renowned global AEC firms. We excel at the creation of maintenance-ready BIM models which helps improve the quality of buildings as well as avoid any problem.

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