Scan to BIM Services for Gemeinden Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Scan to BIM Services & Architectural BIM Modelling
Architectural 3D Revit Modelling from the scans provided
Project Objective

The objective of the project was to create Architectural 3D Revit Modelling for the building from the scans provided by the client.

Client Summary

The client is a very big environmental consulting firm in Austria for whom we have done several Architectural BIM Modelling projects.

casestudy Sample image 1
casestudy Sample image 2
Project Summary

We had to create Architectural 3D Revit Modelling of all the buildings of approximately 8000 square meters which included modelling the walls, doors, windows, curtain walls, roofs, ceilings, columns, staircases etc. After the successful modelling of the building we were given additional scope by the client to add fundamentals and floor slabs to the model. The project was completed in 10 working days. The inputs given by the clients were images of the site, google location, area of the site, videos and panoramas. The scans provided by the clients were quite unclear which is why it was a challenging task for our team. However, Tesla with its best of its ability and understanding completed the project and the client was quite satisfied with our work.

Project Completion Year
September 2019
Project Deliverables

3D model in Revit 2019

  • The scans provided by the client were quite sloppy and unclear which made this project a challenging task.
  • After creating the point cloud data and importing it into Revit, the alignment and orientation of scans were not in proper order even after several attempts. However we then raised an RFI for correct coordinates of all the scans.

There was an additional scope of modelling the foundation of the building which was not visible in the scan.