HVAC Design Services expertise at your disposal!

HVAC Design Services expertise at your disposal!

HVAC Design Services is among the crucial domains in the designing of industrial and commercial buildings. It is paramount that the design is such that it promotes safe and healthy conditions along with being coherent to the Architectural and Structural phases of the building in concern, as well as fostering ease of utility.

To design the HCAV requires thorough subject matter expertise (thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer) along with knowledge of the applicable standards, region wise. We have an exceptional team of Mechanical Engineers and Designers who work on our MEP Design and Drafting projects. Our MEP experts gave us a peek into one of the HVAC Design projects they executed recently.

We were engaged as consultants to design the HVAC scope of a floor of an office building in Nigeria. We were to deliver

  • Design of Duct system layout
  • Heat Load Calculations for the floor
  • Technical specifications

As inputs, we were provided with the Architectural CAD Drafting Service and Structural CAD Drawings of the building. Details on the materials used (type of glass, type of wall, slab of roof etc.) were specified as well.

Firstly, they reviewed the Architectural and Structural CAD Drawings and determined the beam depth and column width and space between the false ceiling and the slab. They assessed the orientation of the building and defined the zones and applications of the same. Thereafter they carried out the heat load calculations considering the opaque surface load, internal occupancy load etc. Based on these assessments, they decided the higher side equipment and respective cooling media. They prepared the layout of the diffuser placement. Indoor equipments were selected. Based on these selections, they routed the ducts. The outdoor and indoor equipment were connected with respective cooling media. The other different accessories like thermostat, damper valves etc. were determined.

Furthermore to the available space, and heat load calculations, there were some other factors also thought through. For instance, they selected the VRV Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume for the project. After comparing a few systems – individual DX systems, VRV and fan coil units, they decided on a ductable variable air flow system; considering the prospect that if ever the architect intends to change the floor plan in future, use of ductable systems will make it easier and less hassle-some in terms of rearranging the HVAC layout.

The final output package included:

  1. Drawings files – HVAC Layout Drawings – Shop Drawings (Plan and Detail Drawings of sections specified)
  2. Schedules for fan coil unit, grille-diffuser, linear diffuser, louver, outdoor unit, split indoor unit.
  3. Specifications
  4. Cut-Sheets
  5. BOQ

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