Scan to CAD for Isla Bonita Hotel in Spain

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
2D Drawings for a Hotel Isla Bonita in Spain
Project Objective

To create 2D drawings of a Hotel Project ‘Isla Bonita’ from given Point Cloud scans.

Client Summary

The client is a renowned topography and civil works company in Spain with more than 2-decade experience. We have been associated with the company for quite a long time and have been providing CAD Services to them on regular basis.

casestudy Sample image 1
casestudy Sample image 2
Project Summary

The client had availed Architectural Construction Drawings Services consisting of Plans, Elevation and Section of a 5 Story Hotel Building, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. The client had 3D-scanned the entire building. We had to create the accurate 2D Architectural Drawings of the existing building including swimming pool, gaming area, etc. using the Point Cloud 3D Scans that were provided to us by the client.

The hotel is an existing 5 story building with approximate site area of 4.3 acres. The building is divided in 2 blocks with 5 separate wings in each block that accommodate guest rooms in it. The hotel is a sea facing building with amenities like swimming pool, restaurant, tennis court and various gaming area including kid’s zone.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables
  • Site development
  • Basement and Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • The biggest challenge that we faced during the entire project was to maintain the accuracy of the dimensions of the existing Building.
  • We had to be sure that the there is no or minimum discrepancy in the input given and output delivered.
  • The scans provided to us were not clear, so Tesla had to use the best of its judgement to complete the drawings.
  • Another Bigger challenge was short turn over time of the project. The project was completed within a short turnaround time with excellent Quality of work.
  • Due to the short duration given to us to complete the project, it was challenging to maintain proper coordination with the team members for the drawings to be produced. We made sure that all the drawings-Plans, Elevations and section matched each other with no deviation from each other or the scan.