Importance of Electrical BIM Services in constructing buildings

Importance of Electrical BIM Services in constructing buildings

Electrical BIM Services is one of the domains within MEP BIM Services.  Electrical BIM Modeling helps in representing the electrical trade in digital format. These Services are appreciably used by Engineers while they create building designs or generate building 3D models. When a building design is created, Engineers also prepare designs of the entire electrical system of that building.

Electrical BIM services include Electrical Panel Schedules, Electrical cable trays, Lighting Fixture Layouts, Power System Designs, Wiring Diagrams and Cable Drawings, Electrical Fire Protection Services, Electrical Transformer Design Services, electrical families etc. along with other details.

Electrical BIM Services can be categorized as:

  1. Electrical BIM Modeling Services – These Services is a very important part of Electrical BIM Services. For executing these BIM Modeling Services, at first Engineers create Architectural BIM models or Structural models because Electrical BIM models cannot be created standalone. Once these models are completed, the Electrical BIM model is coordinated with the Architectural, Structural or HVAC model. For example, it is not possible to show the position of lighting fixtures if the electrical model is not coordinated with the building Architectural model or structural model. Because for showing the location of lighting fixtures, we need either wall or ceiling. Similarly, for displaying cable tray model, it needs to coordinate with building Structural model.

Electrical BIM Services assist Engineers to resolve clashes of Electrical elements with Architectural elements, Structural elements, Plumbing items and HVAC elements. By coordinating Electrical BIM models with other models, Engineers minimize the chances of clashes and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of BIM models.

Advantages of Electrical BIM Services in producing precise coordinated models

  • Electrical BIM Modeling Services also allow Engineers in developing highly precise 3D Electrical coordinated models that aid to reduce conflicts and other issues which occurs during installation of various Electrical elements
  • Electrical BIM Services in making any type of change within the model i.e. improves the model quality significantly
  • 4D Electrical BIM Modeling Services assist to do scheduling and phasing precisely
  • 5D Electrical BIM Services helps Engineers in performing cost estimation for the project efficiently so that Engineers can ideate what all materials they need, quantity takeoff, etc.
  1. High level of Construction Drawings and Bill of Quantities (BOQ)/Bill of Materials (BOM)

Electrical BIM Services also help Engineers in generating construction drawings. Nowadays, Construction Documentations are automatically generated by using various advanced software’s like Revit MEP. If we change anything in Electrical Building Information Models, the changes automatically get reflected in Bill-of-Quantities (BOQ) or Bill-of-Materials (BOM) and Construction Drawings by auto-update process.

By executing Construction Drawing Services effectively, Engineers get comprehensive information about the electrical system design, electrical equipments, their sizes and dimensions, material types and specifications, manufacturer name, color of equipments, equipment positions, etc. Construction Documentation also includes Bill of Quantities (BOQ) as well as Bill of Materials (BOM). Construction Drawing helps Engineers in installing the Electrical equipments properly within a building.

Electrical BIM Services has a big role in Construction industry evolution. These Services facilitate Engineers to generate precise 3D models, plan installation steps and procedure and produce high level construction drawings effectively and help in reducing time and cost significantly.

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