3D Rendering – Effective technique to get photo-realistic view of an object from various perspectives

3D Rendering – Effective technique to get photo-realistic view of an object from various perspectives

3D Rendering Services is a new generation technique which is used by Renders, Engineers, Architects and Animators for generating a photo-realistic image from a 3D model. In this process, a 3D model is made lifelike by applying color, texture, shadow effect, etc. properly. A rendered model is used for design analysis, marketing, bidding and presentation purposes.

Architectural 3D rendering process is one of the important parts of the rendering process. In this process, an architectural building model is rendered for making the building photo-realistic. In this process color, texture, wall, boundary, sky, landscape, character, etc. are added in the building model for making an effective environment. We at Tesla Outsourcing Services have expertise in developing effective photo-realistic models from any type of model. The photo-realistic models assist our clients to get comprehensive insight into the building design. So, we enable our clients in obtaining complete 3D architectural visualization of their planned buildings.

By utilizing 3D rendering process, we can exhibit day view as well as night view of a building. Our clients can easily make an idea about how their buildings will look during day time and night time. We also create different types of views i.e. elevation view, bird-eye view, 3D floor plan and perspective views of planned buildings or other objects. By applying 3D architectural rendering process, we develop 3D Floor Plan Services model for a building that assists viewers in understanding the appearance of the building from different angles.

Brief on different types of view of an object or building:

Elevation view: Elevation view of a building or object presents a 3D view of that building from any elevation i.e. in this view; a building can be shown from different direction.

Bird-eye view: While executing 3D Rendering – bird’s eye view, a building or proposed object is shown with an elevated view and point of view as of a bird. These views are generally utilized in developing blueprints, site plans, mapping and floor plans.

3D Floor plan: In 3D floor plan, virtual 3D model is generated from building floor plan drawing. This model includes walls, windows, doors, floor, doorways, stairs, columns and other fixtures. In 3D floor plan color, texture, tiles, shadow effects, furniture, etc, are added for making the model photo-realistic.

Perspective views: In perspective view, an object is represented as it becomes visible to the eye depending on the spatial attributes or dimensions and the position of the eye with respect to the objects.

We have skill-sets in performing various types of renderings such as scan-line rendering, ray casting, ray tracing, etc. Tesla Outsourcing services has became a leading CAD Services provider for providing high quality and time-bound 3D Modeling and rendering services at affordable prices to clientele worldwide. For further service details, send us your email @ services@teslacadd.com.

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