Shop Drawings – Its importance in Structural Engineering Industry

Shop Drawings – Its importance in Structural Engineering Industry

Shop drawing services are a vital part of structural engineering services. A shop drawing is basically a scale drawing that includes comprehensive information about prefabricated components of designed structures along with detailed information about associated components, assembly of different parts, fabrication, material types, component shape & size, color, installation procedure of various units and other details. This drawing acts as a design guide for Manufacturers, Fabricators, and Builders.

Shop drawings provide you more detailed information as compared to construction documents. You can prepare this drawing for each individual member for example – column, beam, truss, brace, plate, riser, sill, etc. of a structure or you can prepare shop 2D drawing for the entire structure within a single sheet. Before starting the actual fabrication or construction process, you need to approve the shop 2D drawings that you have prepared for your project from authorized persons such as Architects, Engineers, Contractors or clients.This drawing assists you in realizing how all the structural as well as steel members will be installed within the structure during the actual construction.

Shop drawing provides you the following information:

• A proper CAD shop 2D drawing contains – complete dimensions of all parts of a component, manufacturing conventions, and fabrication standards & codes. Hence, this drawing enables Engineers in understanding the entire fabrication process very clearly.

• During real life construction, it is not possible to follow the original drawing accurately while the structure is developed. Some changes or alteration always occur during construction. A shop 2D drawing includes detailed notes related to all the changes or differences that are performed during real life construction.

• Shop drawings are basically a 2D representation of various building components. These 2D drawings are generally prepared by Engineers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Contractors, etc. To create these drawings precisely, one should have proper knowledge of 2D CAD Drafting Services technology as well as CAD software. An inaccurate shop 2D drawing can make a huge loss in your project. These drawings help you in getting high-quality buildings or other structures and it also plays a big role in reducing project time as well as costs.

• Nowadays, many CAD & BIM firms provide shop 2D drawing services. If you want to outsource these services for your project you can to any of this CAD & BIM firms. Tesla Outsourcing Services is a renowned CAD & BIM Service Providers offering highly accurate shop drawing services at affordable rates to clients around the world.

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Bhagwati Pathak
Bhagwati Pathak is an Executive Director at Tesla Outsourcing Services. Technical Project Management, BIM, Client Management, and Leadership are her forte. With an expertise in BIM and a flair for writing, her articles provide a direction to contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and architects in employing the right methodology for an Architectural, Structural, or MEP CAD / BIM project.

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