What’s new for AutoCAD Drafting & Drawing

What’s new for AutoCAD Drafting & Drawing

Autodesk’s AutoCAD is computer aided design software which is used for creating high-end 2D/3D designs, drafting documents, construction drawings and 3D models of planned products or buildings. It is amongst the very useful CAD software’s that facilitates high-end execution of 2D CAD Drafting Services. AutoCAD has released total 29 updates of till now. The most recent version of this software is AutoCAD 2015 which is also known as AutoCAD 20.0.

This new version has some additional key features that were not present in its previous version AutoCAD 2014. In the next few lines, we will see what all new features have been included along with other major & minor enhancements within AutoCAD 2015 for improving drafting and annotation.

Lasso Selection tool – AutoCAD 2015 has brought a new way ‘lasso’ for selecting object. The new lasso selection tool provides more flexibility to users in selecting objects. When you want to select your desired object, just press the left click of your mouse, hold the button and drag it around the object.

If you want to do window selection, you need to drag your mouse in the right direction for selecting object. In window selection, only object inside the boundary curve is selected and the color of boundary curve is blue.

In cross selection, you need to drag your mouse in the left and in this case all the objects inside the boundary curve and the objects that touch the selection curve is selected and the color of the boundary area is green. If you want to deselect the lasso selection tool, you have to go to AutoCAD options and then selection tab.

Annotation improvements

  • MTEXT Editor Enhancements -MTEXT editor in AutoCAD 2015 version has been enhanced to some extent. Auto stacking within MTEXT editor is now created automatically. AutoCAD dialog box is not displayed anymore.
  • This text editor also provides auto bullet as well as numbering facilities. You can now resize the MTEXT editor diagonally. In the previous versions of AutoCAD, users can resize the text editor by adjusting its all sides only. This text editor has included Autocorrect caps lock.
  • New TEXTALIGN command – AutoCAD has included a new command that is known as TEXTALIGN. It enables users to align multiple texts i.e. texts in single line and multi lines efficiently to a referenced text. Using this command you can also justify the texts as well as spaces to left, right and middle, etc.

Geographic location tool enhancements – Geographic location tool in AutoCAD 2014 allows users to define the project location, but users can’t plot the location. AutoCAD 2015 has overcome this limitation.

The geographic location tool of the new AutoCAD version makes you able in capturing image and you can use this image within your drawing. Now you can plot the project location effectively. If you want to use map, you need to be signed in to your Autodesk 360 account.

Though AutoCAD 2015 has made small enhancements for improving drafting, but it still provides you better outputs than outputs from the previous versions. Addition of new lasso selection tool and TEXTALIGN command is really two good enhancements.

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