Revit Modeling Services for making effective 3D Building Models

Revit Modeling Services for making effective 3D Building Models

Autodesk Revit is broadly known as a building information modeling software which is notably used for developing highly accurate construction schedule (4D) and cost estimation (5D) in any building project. It facilitates users in creating and using database which include detailed information of intelligent objects. Therefore, Revit has a wide ranging usage in Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

It has driven Structural, MEP, BIM and Architectural services along with Mechanical services to a different level that has never been happened before. Revit has brought huge opportunities for BIM professionals in executing BIM Services more efficiently. Tesla Outsourcing Services has vast experience in delivering any kind of Revit services everywhere around the world.

Nowadays, Revit modeling services have become an important part of MEP BIM Services. All the three different versions of Revit i.e. Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP are very efficient in developing any type of 3D coordination models.

Why Revit modeling services?
Revit modeling services assist in making hassle-free coordination among Construction professionals of different occupations like BIM Designers, BIM Modelers, Engineers, Contractors, Suppliers, Fabricators, Subcontractors and clients. As a result, these services help in obtaining accurate and good quality final outputs within a short span of time.

Different phases for executing effective Revit modeling services:
Design creation: It is the most initial step of these services. In this step, 3D models are generated by utilizing Revit’s several advanced features like drawing coordination, conceptual cost estimating, integrated building materials, etc.

Design evaluation: In this step, the schematic designs are checked minutely by BIM professionals for fixing any design related error. Once the checking process is done, these designs are considered as final designs which are used during fabrication or construction of any product or building.

Coordinated design development: It is a very vital step of the Revit 3D modeling services as well as the construction project. Revit software facilitates users in generating schematic designs for building Structural members and MEP members. Users also can integrate designs of MEP members and Structural members within a single document i.e. users can make effective building coordination designs with the assistance of Revit. It empowers users in detecting clashes from coordination designs and also assists them in solving the detected clashes by executing needful modifications efficiently.

Load and stress analysis: In this step, different types of load and stress analysis are done on the coordination designs for checking the strength of the designed products or buildings.

Final designs: This is the last step where Revit models are finally sent to Contractors, Fabricators, Builders, etc. Based on these Revit models, the actual product fabrication or building construction starts.

3D Revit modeling services help in easing the work of construction professional. Using these services, professionals can efficiently develop building information models. Tesla Outsourcing Services, a leading Building Information Modeling services provider having proficiency in delivering high-end Revit Modeling Services to clientele worldwide. To get more information regarding our services and charges, send your email @

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