BIM Modeling of a residential building in Italy

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
BIM Modeling of a residential building in Italy
Project Objective

To develop a LOD 300 3D Revit modeling of Architectural and Structural elements of a Residential building with the help of CAD files and Images.

  • Architectural Model – Doors, Windows, openings/balconies/overhangs, Walls, Roof, Floors, and facade Detailing (Window Trim, Wall Sweeps, etc.)
  • Structure Model – Columns
Client Summary

The company for which we executed this project is a renowned Builder group and the company is based in Italy.

casestudy Sample image 1
casestudy Sample image 2
Project Summary
  • The project consisted of 7 floors with 4 levels of parking and was built on a two-way crossroad and on a contour layout.
  • We were required to create External faces of the building in 3D Revit model (LOD 300) from the provided CAD file.
  • The approximate area of the building to be modeled was of 17000 m2 (Exterior Area)

This was an existing residential building and the client provided us with the CAD files and the images for the building out of which we had to create a 3D Revit Model.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables
  • Detailed 3D Revit model.
  • The provided CAD files for the project were not aligning. While developing the 3D model from the 2D files, it was found that the floors were not aligning to each other. Thus, to align floor parcel and the vertical circulation, we had to do a back and forth exercise where firstly the floors were aligned and then, the other elements like walls, stair shafts and balconies were aligned to each other. Hence, to attain a precision to generate a detailed BIM Model with LOD 300 matching the existing structure was a challenge.
  • The floor plans for the bottom four levels were missing and thus, they had to be created from the scratch with the help of site images and google earth. Thus, it was a challenge to develop the floor plans with proper accuracy and logical judgement as the model had to be built on the basis of these created floor plans.