Revit Parametric family: Process of creating a window family in Revit Architecture

Revit Parametric family: Process of creating a window family in Revit Architecture

Windows are integral part of any architectural modeling project and hence this blog is quite important for Revit users since I am going to describe here the process of creating window family. Well, it might not hold importance to those who have been using this software for quite a long time, but I am sure who are new to it will be definitely benefitted by this blog. While developing 3D architectural model in Revit, its users have to make use of building elements such as doors and windows etc. to successfully complete the model.

Process of creating window family in Revit

  • The process of developing parametric window family in Revit begins by opening Revit architecture.
  • After that go to ‘Families’ category in Revit and select ‘New’ from there for starting a new project.
  • Revit users should next select a suitable or acceptable family template.
  • Family templates are nothing but the building blocks that are crucial for developing a family in Revit Architecture. There are various types of family template in Revit such as ceiling-based, roof-based or wall-based etc. So users should select these templates depending upon where they are going to host their family in the project. For example if users are creating a fixture family that will be hosted by them in the ceiling then they should be selecting ceiling-based template.
  • Since window will be hosted in a wall, it is important for Revit users to select wall based family template. Family template is selected so that Revit users can get all the crucial information that is required for creating a window family.
  • So once a suitable family template is selected by Revit users, they should next define the subcategories for the family. Subcategories are optimized by Revit users for controlling the visibility of family geometry.
  • Since it is a window family, its framework should now be defined by Revit users. To create the framework for window family its origin point should be defined by Revit users.
  • Family’s origin is defined with the assistance of the intersection of two reference planes in a view.
  • So with the assistance of ‘Reference plane,’ tool and ‘Reference line,’ tool Revit users create Reference plane and Reference line for the family.
  • After that dimensions are added by Revit users by optimizing its ‘Dimensions tools.’ Addition of dimensions helps Revit users in specifying parametric relationship.
  • Afterwards family types are specified by Revit users with the assistance of different parameters.
  • After creating the geometry Revit users should flex the model to understand the behavior of family components. Now with the addition of relevant geometry the process of creating a window family completes.

So by following the above mentioned steps Revit users can create window family in Revit architecture.

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