How to determine or monitor changes made in multidiscipline models, in Revit?

How to determine or monitor changes made in multidiscipline models, in Revit?

When a model is created in Revit, an entire team of designers, technicians, and BIM modelers work together. Revit provides them a platform to collaborate with each other for the sake of developing effective building design. 3D building models that are developed in Revit with the considerable coordination of design development teams eventually helps in streamlining construction process. The digital data accommodated in these models finally helps to build stakeholders to make highly informed and rational decisions concerning the project.

When working on a Revit project, wherein multi-discipline design teams are involved in developing different models it becomes crucial for different teams to understand the changes made on each other’s models for successfully developing their own model.

In other words  for developing highly effective  3D models which represent the design of different building systems such as architecture, structure and MEP, it is necessary to monitor changes made to them by design teams.

Multidisciplinary Change management system in Revit

Let me give you an example of how to monitor changes that are made in architectural and structural models while working on Revit. For example, a service providing company is executing a Revit project wherein they have to develop the architectural model as well as a structural model for a building.  While working on Revit both the design members of structural and architectural models can successfully collaborate with each other by linking models. For linking models, BIM modelers optimize ‘Revit Link tools.’ After linking the model BIM modelers can figure out the changes or modifications made in the model.

For example, a structural model is linked by a design member who is developing architectural model; it gives him the authority to fully visualize the entire structural model. This eventually helps him in understanding the entire geometry of structural model.

When model are coordinated in Revit, changes made in a Revit model can be easily detected or monitored by using ‘Coordination Monitor’ which is a significant Revit feature. Whenever a model is linked in a host file, change monitor tool of Revit helps in detecting the changes made to the elements of this linked model.

This is how models are linked in Revit and changes made to them can be easily determined by design members of rest of the disciplines.

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