Design collaboration with Revit

Design collaboration with Revit

For the successful execution of building projects, data management solutions and collaboration and integration of design teams is very crucial. Currently, the digital information is optimized by various building actors to improve the design and project productivity. The smooth flow of this digital information throughout the project lifecycle is important and beneficial both for owners as well as for building teams. To make all this happen, BIM solutions are implemented in AEC industry.

Implementation of BIM in AEC industry has given rise to better performing buildings along with high quality structures. Adoption of BIM is revolutionizing the use of digital information. BIM is renowned for the implementation of model based information on construction projects. BIM software such as Autodesk Revit is apparently becoming popular among various stakeholders for collaborative information or information sharing.

Revit based design collaboration: Revit allows it users to collaborate on a design so that the design quality can be enhanced. 3D BIM models that are developed with the assistance of Revit can be shared between different teams that are involved in design development.

Collaboration of team members to improve design: Revit work-sharing authorizes and empowers multiple team to work on a same model. That means more than one person can easily assess the same Revit model at the same time and make necessary changes to it depending upon their understanding of the design.

A central model:This collaboration becomes possible with the help of a central Revit model. This model contains all the concerned building data. This model is saved in a shared location in LAN (local area network). So by saving it in a shared location, allows it to be accessible to multiple members.  By saving a copy of this central model, to their local work stations, individual members of design teams can work independently on it. This newly created or saved local model works as an interface mechanism for updating changes made by individual members to the central model.

Integration of Revit disciplines: The Revit central model can further be shared to multiple physical locations with the help of acentral server. This helps in the integration of different Revit disciplines such as Revit architecture and Revit structure.

So in this way the digital information can be shared and managed for improving design in Revit.

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