4D BIM easing the work of General Contractors or the Project Managers

4D BIM easing the work of General Contractors or the Project Managers

It is not surprising that the application of 4D building information modeling is getting appreciated for the kinds of benefits it gives to the general contractors or project managers. The general contractors are optimizing BIM for enhancing project delivery and productivity. 4D BIM Services which integrates the fourth dimension that is time with the 3D model has huge potential for articulating better management scenarios.

4D simulations help contractors: Simulations which are created by using BIM model can benefit the contractors in various ways. 4D simulations which show the step by step process of construction along with the time are used extensively by the contractors to better understand the project and process. This allows them to optimize the resources even better. Improvements can be made on the onsite workflow. The budget can be utilized more appropriately depending on the needs and requirements of the projects since everything is well organized.

A 4D BIM model assists in coordination and clash detection: During the coordination process clashes are also detected between structural, architectural and MEP systems. This not only enables them to solve the problems but to save a large amount of money. If the clashes are detected well before in time there stays no space for further errors in the model.

4D BIM assists the contractors in cost cutting: If no errors are found during the actual construction it reduces re-works and ultimately saves a huge amount of money. This suggests that the process of coordination leaves no scope for any further interference and clashes which reduces project cost. Apart from cost cutting the model also enhances communication between the different teams working on the project.

4D BIM enhances productivity: The BIM model generated with the assistance of Revit software simplifies the work by eliminating the time based clashes. Since the model can be coordinated well clashes can also be eliminated fast. This fastens up the overall construction process and the productivity is increased tremendously. So when the project is completed fast the delivery is also done on time eliminating the risk of untimely deliveries.

So the above description explains it all, that how necessary is the application of BIM in the construction projects and finally for the contractors.

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Bhagwati Pathak
Bhagwati Pathak is an Executive Director at Tesla Outsourcing Services. Technical Project Management, BIM, Client Management, and Leadership are her forte. With an expertise in BIM and a flair for writing, her articles provide a direction to contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and architects in employing the right methodology for an Architectural, Structural, or MEP CAD / BIM project.

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