Architectural 3D Modeling of a drive-in restaurant, USA

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
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3D Modeling and Rendering for a drive-through restaurant at Breaux Bridge Road
Project Objective

To develop 3D Model of Checkers Rally’s Drive in restaurants in 3716, Breaux Bridge, L.A. The model was developed following Architectural site plan and elevations provided by the client by using Google Sketchup and generate 5 rendered views (sketchy style)

Client Summary

This project was executed for a prominent drive-through restaurant chain in the US. The Architects worked closely with the US counterpart on this project following little and minute nuances on US Architecture. We have successfully completed more than 10 models of Checkers Rally’s project and progressing further on.

casestudy Sample image 1
casestudy Sample image 2
Project Summary

Tesla had to develop a 3D model of the restaurant building using Google Sketchup. The only input that we received for this project was a rough sketch of the restaurant plan and elevation without the dimensions. Since we didn’t receive the site plan for this project, we first developed the site plan using the client’s prototypes that we had received as part of other projects. Once the model was developed, 5 view (two perspective views, front elevation and two side elevations) were rendered in 2D graphic using sketchy style as per the client’s standard scene.

This was one of the initial site plans that Tesla developed for this client. Our quality of deliverables and professionalism led to an ongoing outsourcing arrangement with the client wherein we have completed more than 50 site plans till date along with other projects.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

A pdf binder containing 5 rendered views

  • The only input that we received for this project was a rough sketch of the plan and elevation without the dimensions. The dimensions of the model were taken based on the client’s prototype and using the best fit judgement.
  • Due to only one dimension given for reference, the plan was first drafted in AutoCad and then imported to Sketchup. The height of the building was taken as per previous models of checkers restaurant white and black checkers and stucco tiles were made as per standards.
  • Furthermore, since we had no data of the site layout therefore, we used our previous sites with the drive thru lane on the left.