Architectural Construction Drawings for a residential house in Canada

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Architectural Construction Drawings | Documentation Services
Construction Documentation of a residential house
Project Objective

To prepare construction documents on AutoCAD for a residential home in Canada

Client Summary

The client is an Architectural Designing firm based in Canada.

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Project Summary

The scope of the project was to create construction documents on AutoCAD for a residential home in Canada. The client availed Construction Documentation Services to obtain building permits. The client had provided us with an AutoCAD file of the architectural design along with a sample so that we can follow his standards.

The following sheets were created based on the client’s requirements:

  • A2 – Basement Plan
  • A3 – Ground Floor Plan
  • A4 – Second Floor Plan
  • A5 – Roof Plan
  • A6- Elevations- North & South
  • A7- Elevations- East & West
  • A8- Details
  • Walk-Out Wall Section
  • Basement Walk-Out Detail
  • Wall Section
  • Door- Window Schedule
  • A9 – Cross Section (1 in No.) & Construction Notes
Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Composed Sheets of Construction Drawings in .dwg format and PDFs

  • The client made several changes in the Structural planning during the course of the project. The beam layouts were changed. The joists were initially placed horizontally which were then changed to vertical layout and again to horizontal layout. This resulted in a lot of re-work from our end. The joist span was also changed several times during the span of the project.
  • The plans and elevations did not match at several places. We had to raise several RFIs and based on the response, we followed either the plan or the elevation.
  • We had to tag all the elements based on the sample file provided. This was a time-taking task.

Meeting a short deadline of 5 days was a challenge considering the numerous changes in the design carried out by the client. Our team worked over-time to achieve the deadline.