Pro tips for AEC professionals for successful remote collaboration

Pro tips for AEC professionals for successful remote collaboration

Lately construction experts, architects and engineers around the globe are working from home, exploring another place of work other than job site and offices. The sound of heavy machineries at construction sites has been supplanted with a diverting stream of chuckles, cries, and even barks from new “colleagues,” and WFH outfits have briefly replaced formal wear and trusted PPE. Regardless of whether your new workspace is a dedicated home office or the edge of a couch, we are together in overcoming the difficulties of working from home.
Adapting to a remote working way of life is a new area for most of us related to the AEC industry. Groups and organizations that adjust in this new work from home condition will be prepared to manage projects along with preparing the workforce for the future.
With virtual interviews of our in-house professionals, we saw tiny office space, pets, children playing, kitchen counters, etc. we gained various insights on how we can together overcome the challenge of working from home and come out stronger. Below are few tips based on the experiences on how we can collaborate better by working remotely.

  1. Use the best tools to keep the conversation going
    Individuals are the core of any business. A constant flow of correspondence and joint effort is fundamental for building projects both small and large ones. Without the chance of physical personal discussions, how and what you impart turns out to be much significant. It is very crucial to set up a common platform for all the employees to communication on chat, video conferencing. Skype, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc. are various platforms where the whole team can communicate seamlessly.

    We need to ensure that we as a team remain associated like we would have been otherwise and have a similar discussion with same degree of detail and visual help, explicitly to review reports and design plans.
  2. Build Technical Support Systems
    Currently those working in medicinal services, grocery markets, janitorial and sanitization department, and kitchens, are legitimately being felicitated for their commitment and contribution to the society. For many organizations like ours, IT experts have work exceptionally off the camera to get the employees working efficiently and smoothly from home with all safety measures. They too are the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes so that everything goes perfectly.
    For those people that aren’t comfortable to remote working, our IT department has been incredible in setting them up. They’ve been setting them up with VPNs, server access, and providing extra wires, PCs, and even extra screens that they can bring home for their WFH.
  3. Stay Connected and Build Camaraderie
    Emotional and Mental support is similarly as significant as technical support especially as remote workforces can feel isolated and disconnected. Video conferencing acts as a catalyst to overcome this and is more powerful than you think. Approx. 87% of employees working from home feel associated using video conferencing
    Regardless of whether you are a director or an individual contributor, indicating empathy and support to one another can have a huge effect on morale. It is always advisable to connect with your employees, send them a quick link or email, and simply ask them for any requirements or need any assistance. You should urge your workforce to keep in continuous contact.
  4. Use Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools
    At the point when you are working across different locations, time zones, and workplaces, remote groups can suffer due to unconnected correspondence, and documentation frameworks. Designers and all employees need to have a similar data simultaneously, regardless of where they are. In this manner, everybody ought to have the option to get to the most recent data, plans, and information – and that is the place where cloud technology becomes an integral factor. WFH more or less has simply changed the seat we sit in rather than the workflows we operate in.
    The organization can utilize a cloud collaboration tool like BIM 360 to put notes on a set of design plans and record changes. It has been a basic specialized tool for remote workforce where the changes can be referred to promptly. Also project managers and owners can avail Preconstruction BIM Services wherein they can complete the planning and design phase of the construction project with the help of collaboration tools.
  5. Embrace new opportunities for learning
    Many construction projects has been kept on hold due to the lockdowns across globe and social distancing. At this time the construction professionals along with architects and designers can utilise this time to embrace the opportunities and enhance our knowledge by internet learning.
    We can devote this time in learning about new technologies, about the tools we use by online classes. Owners and managers can likewise show others how it’s done, engaging and urging workers to take an interest in training and learning remotely.
  6. Remember About Breaks
    In any workplace, normal breaks are basic for psychological wellbeing and productivity. In a remote working lifestyle, it tends to be easy to get sucked into working for a long time without leaving the comfort of your couch. In an office, you will in general move and stroll around quite often. You’re conversing with various individuals. You stop to talk for five minutes in the bay. However, it is important to get outside and move for 10-15 minutes each couple of hours.

    In particular, leaders and owners can add to best practices when they show others how it’s done. Our managers have made it a point to have yoga and other activity sessions one hour of the day together through video conferencing and urges the employees to take breaks and stay connected leading to high productivity
  7. Get a Dedicated Work Space
    Many professionals do not have the experience to work at home. To deal with the number of distractions at home poses a great challenge to the professionals to concentrate on works. Hence, setting up your at-home condition for better productivity is another technique we heard again and again. The best tip for being dedicate and productive at home is to locate a committed work space and afterward you can get going to different spaces where you can eat, rest, or unwind at break time.
  8. Be Patient and Trust the process
    Keep in mind, we are for the most part putting forth a valiant effort to explore new workplaces and schedules. While meeting project objectives are significant, an adjustment period is ordinary. Anticipating that everybody should work at ideal efficiency levels while adjusting home and family needs is irrational. Past that, numerous workers are new to remote working. It’s the reason patience is a basic incentive to show and energize.
  9. Conclusion
    We’re certainly attempting to accept this as a learning experience and let people make sense of such a significant number of new tools and everything. We at Tesla Outsourcing Services have made massive arrangements to keep the employees safe and allow them to work from home. Our Marketing and IT Director Mr Prex Poojara has gone out of the way to assist the employees during this period of coronavirus pandemic, making remote WFH smooth for everyone. Whereas our HR and Executive Director Mrs Bhagwati Pathak has made sure that each and every employees doesn’t have any feeling of disconnection and is in constant touch of every person associated with the company. Also she has outperformed in giving utmost priority to clients oversees wherein the situation is worse so that the clients can keep their projects on track with the preconstruction phase completed. Our CEO Mr Ketan Poojara , has been the pillar of strength and has handled this situation of crisis well. All of them together have worked exceptionally well to keep the employees, clients and themselves happy and safe during this period of pandemic. Along with the frontline workers, these are our unsung heroes to whom Team Tesla gives a big shout out and appreciates their efforts.

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Dhvani Badheka
Dhvani is an irreverent writer who has over 4 years of experience under her belt. She is a life-long learner and a quick study which provides her articles a unique insight. She is always reading, researching new materials and trying to expand her knowledge of the AEC industry so that she can create interesting and valuable content.

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