Integrated project delivery approach is highly significant for enhancing productivity

Integrated project delivery approach is highly significant for enhancing productivity

Integrated Project Delivery is a unique approach that is available for use in Construction Projects. An approach focusing more on “process” than outcome serves a balance of experience to both: People and the Project. We will be going in-depth for this approach, what it is, benefits, phases, and importantly why it’s the most attractive solution in the industry when it comes to enhancing productivity. Before you continue, one fact for you to keep in mind is that this approach has disrupted its usage in the entire industry. Without appreciating it more, let’s go with the basics.

What is Integrated Project Delivery?

Integrated Project Delivery is a collaborative process providing us a way to build projects. It is a specific kind of project delivery process which functions in a holistic approach, utilizing people – systems – business structures – practices into creating a process. That process can collaboratively analyze insights from each of them. Which helps in optimizing results, increase value to the owner, reduction of waste, and increasing efficiency through each phase of the project. I.e., Design – Fabrication – Construction.

Integrated Project Delivery or IPD applies to various construction project arrangements. The people working on IPD as IPD team mainly consists of architectures, owner, and contractor. Yet, there is the possibility of adding more people from various departments to the side, depending on the scenario. IPD projects are unique and are easy to recognize. Uniqueness arrives from the active collaboration between the owner – designer and the constructor. 

There are a few principles that make the Integrated Project Delivery different and unique.

Integrity and Communication

Culture of Open Communication, where everyone is empowered to provide their perspective and be open to constructive criticism. The behavior of acknowledging the dispute and provide a quick solution. Everyone involved in the process respects the sense of collaboration and commitment they offer.

Aggregate Planning

IPD focuses on more detailed planning and less creation or error for the process. Hence, the process of planning is intensified by considering holistic scenarios of work and making sure the project process faces less amount of mistakes. This process helps in increasing efficiency.

Collaboration and Decision Making

With the help of integrity and open communication, Decision-making process becomes much smoother and efficient. Ideas are supported by merit and not by the hierarchy of position. The team takes unanimous judgment at the end of collecting all the decisions.    

Collective Rewards and Recognition.

Value addition is proportional to compensation in IPD. As a team member of IPD, more involvement and value addition helps the member achieve more recognition and rewards. Such incentives and rewards help to accomplish the project goal.

Phases of Integrated Project Delivery

Team Building

Building an Integrated Project Delivery Team.

Concept Design

All the stakeholders design the concept, keeping in mind various analyses of waste reduction, reducing errors, preventing redesign, etc.

Criteria Design

Reviewing criteria and all the design options available. Applying BIM Services to see the model and try potential solutions.

Design Detailing

Finalizing Decisions regarding the design to produce sustainability. The team incorporates Construction regulations and codes, sustainability goals in this process.

Documentation Implementation

BIM Modeling Services and Design data helps in starting the implementation of the process. BIM Modeling Services help in providing a visual model of the project. Analysis and Virtual tests take place during this phase. Along with that, the team starts working on vital documentation like permits, finances, and regulatory needs, etc.

Review and Buyout

Different agencies review every detail about the project. With either a conventional deliverable process or by providing links of virtual models created with the help of BIM Modeling Services.

As soon as the review is over, they decide pricing commitment for all packages and projects. And then confirms the final pricing through responsibilities and trends. The buyout phase is limited in obtaining price commitments from any remaining suppliers and sub-contractors who were not part of the team.


As the final stage of design is going, architectures help in providing inputs concerning quality and cost controlling measures.

Close Out.

The IPD team ends the complete project concerning the contractual terms. The team makes sure about following each clause written in the contract like incentives, penalties, compensation, etc.

Facilities Management

Facility management controls and coordinates the physical workspace where the people were working. Facility management covers all the activities that keep an occupied structure operating’s. 

How does Integrated Project Delivery help in Enhancing productivity?

We came through a lengthy discussion of “Principles IPD follows, Brief information about IPD and descriptive information into the phases of IPD. Still, if you have a question, how does IPD support the idea of Productivity, let me end this blog by helping you explore the world of Integrated Project Delivery through my knowledge.

  • World of Project Delivery 
  • Where industry focuses on building high quality and the sustainable built environment. 
  • The Designers are entirely aware of the complication and consequences of their decisions.
  • It is a culture where compensation – reward – recognition are openly shared.
  • Entirely crystal clear communication Process. 
  • Keeping the cost-based decision at the tertiary level and focusing on outcome-driven and checklist drove decisions. 
  • Suppliers, contractors, managers, etc. are all involved in the process of designing. 

Now you can firmly that for a construction project, with the help of Clear Communication, Value-Based Culture, Holistic view for decision making, Sustainability as an aim, and accountability as a behavior, the productivity of the process can be improved in a disruptive way.


All these words have explained the importance of Integrated Project Delivery for our construction project process. One thing that every construction company working on a big construction project has agreed is about Utilizing BIM Services in the IPD Approach. The majority of Industries working on IPD for big projects are utilizing it. Application of Integral Project Delivery with BIM Services will disrupt productivity stats of the team and the entire process. It is one of the best technology boons for the construction industry. 

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Written By:
Bhagwati Pathak
Bhagwati Pathak is an Executive Director at Tesla Outsourcing Services. Technical Project Management, BIM, Client Management, and Leadership are her forte. With an expertise in BIM and a flair for writing, her articles provide a direction to contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and architects in employing the right methodology for an Architectural, Structural, or MEP CAD / BIM project.

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