BIM Modeling for a Housing Project in France

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Development of Architectural 3D Model using LOD 400 and 300
Project Objective

Develop a virtual construction model using Revit for a residential building with eight floors. We have used LOD (Level of Detailing) 300 for all 8 floors barring fourth floor which was virtually constructed using LOD 400.

Client Summary

Tesla developed this Revit Model for an Architectural Firm in France. This company is a medium sized firm working on designing of residential and commercial buildings.

casestudy Sample image 1
Project Summary

Tesla was responsible to deliver the Revit model which the client wanted to use for presentation purposes initially and later construction work. Total estimated hours for the project was 310 manhours and delivery schedule was 20 working days. We also placed Revit Families from the library available in the software and created some parametric families that were required to give a realistic feel to the model.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Revit 3d model with LOD 300 and 400 with external façade in Revit 2015 Version.


– Turnaround time was the biggest challenge. We completed the model in 10 days flat in spite of quoting 20 days. The client’s request for turnaround time changed midway and quality had to be exceptionally good.

– We did not receive any families from the clients hence we had to create some custom specific families. However, owing to fast turnaround we had to download and use families from outside the software as the families for LOD 400 are not available within the software. Modern families required by the client were not available in system families.

– Language barrier was also a challenge which we overcame well. A lot of instructions in the AutoCAD drawings were given in French. We used the Google translate tool to get the French instructions translated into English.

– Total 2 to 3 Revit modelers worked on this project to complete the project in 10 working days. We also worked weekends to cover the turnaround time.

As an outcome of exceptional quality deliverables within a short delivery time and excellent quality of Revit Model, Tesla eventually won two major architectural BIM model project from the same client.