Generating Pre-Construction drawings for a 5 Star Resort

Generating Pre-Construction drawings for a 5 Star Resort

Pre-construction plays a vital role in the entire process of construction. They create a visual appearance of the structures and buildings before final design is made. The drawings, measurements, designs created in that process are very intriguing. Yet, for layman it might go over the head.

A Caribbean based construction company from Dominica had acquired contract for construction of a 5-star luxury resort. The service which they required was about making 2D MEP Co-ordination and Shop Drawings for buildings in that respective Luxury Resort.

The entire project area consisted of 160 rooms and suites spread across 15 Buildings. The resort being this huge also has a good name globally with its presence in Luxurious Hospitability Industry across several global locations.

Moving on the project area consisted of,

  • Apartment.
  • Drinking Bar.
  • Entry Gatehouse 01 & 02
  • Guestroom.
  • Kids World.
  • Main Building.
  • Pool & Beach Club.
  • Presidential Suite.
  • Spa.
  • Tennis Pavilion.

…. That’s A Lot! Right?

We received 2D Design Drawings for Architecture, Structure and MEP. Through which, we generated 2D MEP Coordination and Shop Drawings for the same area of Architecture, Structure and MEP. One important thing we had to keep in mind was to coordinated with builders work that he provided. His work also included 3 Specific areas:

HVAC: Ducting, Ventilation Mechanical Equipment (VRU – Variable Refrigerant Flow, HRU – Hydrostatic Release Unit, FCU – Fan Coil Unit, etc.)

Plumbing: Mechanical Piping, Plumbing, Drainage, Fire Protection and other required components.

Electrical: Lightning Fixtures, Fire Alarm, Lightning Protection etc.

Builder working on the luxury resort project had already worked and created work drawings, our people just had to make sure we suit to the work done and planned by builder.

In the same pursuit of “suiting” our work to that of the builders, we had to hassle for a bit and faced few challenges. The coordination asked for efficiency and due to some or other reasons the response time affected it. Given the volume of work and additional information to be taken from the builder’s side we had to depend a lot towards situations and circumstances. Yet, we did raise several RFI’s (Request for Information) to be clear and precise about data and information that would result into the best of results for the client

Amidst of all the RFI’s, Volume of work and several other information Tesla Outsourcing did generate 2D MEP Coordinated Shop Drawings for the Luxury Resort. Through which the contractor. Sub-contractor, Fabricator, Manufacturer can create a visualized model that can help them to build the actual building.

MEP Engineers working at Tesla had an insightful and memorable experience working on MEP Shop drawings services for the resort.

Tesla Outsourcing even after years of experience till date looks forward to such opportunity to provide MEP, BIM, Mechanical Services across the globe.

Providing pictures of the output of the work here, for more information you can always search us at Tesla Outsourcing.

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