MEP CAD Drafting – PDF to CAD Conversion, USA

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis

2D Drafting I MEP CAD Drafting

MEP CAD Drafting - PDF to CAD Conversion for existing 2 storied building
Project Objective

To recreate 2D drawings of Ducting and Chill water layout in AutoCAD from the pdfs provided

Client Summary

This project was outsourced by an engineering firm in the US which deals with new as well as renovation projects in the field of MEP.

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Project Summary

The project was to draft HVAC existing conditions in AutoCAD. The existing conditions included ductwork and heating water piping for a 2 storied building of 214,000 square feet.  The client had provided us with the existing drawings in the form of scanned pdf copies along with the AutoCAD file of Architectural background.

The detailed scope of work included:

  • Ducting, Mechanical Piping, Mechanical Equipment
  • Preparing Legends
  • Sheet layouts in DWG and PDF formats
Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

The final project deliverables consisted of sheets of Ducting and Piping layout in AutoCAD and PDF formats.

  • It was difficult to establish the continuity between the sheets of the same floor. Tesla resolved it with our experience and expertise.