Use of Revit Family Editor tool in the Construction Industry

Use of Revit Family Editor tool in the Construction Industry


Revit Family Editor in Revit software is an essential tool which is used by the Architects, Engineers and BIM Modelers to develop families that serve as a base for creating 3D BIM Services Model.

The AEC professionals use Revit Family Editor tool for creating standard component families and in-place families for the construction projects. While to create families you need to open a template in the Editor tool which aids in developing standard families of the project.

Importance of Revit Family Editor Tool in the Construction industry

Revit Family Editor tool in the construction projects is useful as through its distinctive features, it can help to develop customized families for Revit projects and create 3D BIM Coordinated Model among all the disciplines of the AEC Industry. Revit Family Editor tool is similar to the Project Environment in Revit which is also known as a graphical mode that creates different geometrical shapes and sizes for creating families. There is a minimal difference between two but due to its multiple tools it becomes different based on the projects.

Revit families of a project, when developed on Revit Family Editor tool, can be fully controlled by their parameters. It also ensures that the families can be customized as per the requirement which can help the Engineers & BIM Modelers to meet the client’s expectation of the Revit project. For instance, if the client wants large doors and windows, the Architect or the BIM Modeler can optimize it through Revit Family editor tool and meet his requirements.

How to create families in different tools of Revit Family Editor?

If we go into much detail of the Revit Family Editor tool, it has various kinds of plug-in tools such as Family Type tool, Model line tool, Dimensions tool and Reference Plane and Reference line tool becomes effective in creating families in Revit. Family Type tool is useful for selecting a family type while creating a family in Revit.

Reference plane and line tool can be used to optimize drawing planes and lines in a family. In the dimension tool, we can assign suitable dimensions for a Revit Family. Some other tools such as Void forms and Section help the Revit users to create void and section view in a Revit family. Revit users can with Family Editor tool develop new families and modify existing families to get the new family out of the existing ones.

Revit users can edit loadable and in-place families and also modify a family from a project. They can even edit standard component family outside the project area and on clicking Revit, template for a new family can be worked upon. Revit users need to look very carefully about the tabs and panels that keep on changing based on the type of families that are being edited by the users.

Benefits of Revit family Editor

Revit Family editor can provide a Revit user with many benefits of which few are useful to them in the design phase of the projects as stated below:-

Accuracy:- In a Revit family, the components are assigned with precise and specific dimensions through the Dimension tools which makes workflow smooth and accurate as when a family is placed, it automatically in Revit assigns a size to the components of the families.

Flexibility: – Revit Family Editor creates 2D and 3D Families who can be parametric and non-parametric depending upon the nature of the families. Variations of materials and changes in sizes can be modified in the parametric families.

Changes made in a single-family can be stored as a type. Whereas, non-parametric families have unique properties in shape and size which can be changed at all. Parametric and non-parametric families are useful in 3D Architectural Modeling.

Modification: – Revit families can be easily altered with the relevant Editor tool where the Designers and Engineers to design and build with accuracy.

Savings of time and effort: – Revit families can reduce the time taken by the professionals on modifications. The components from the families can be reused for other projects that save time and efforts.


Revit Family Editor tool is tool from Revit software that allows the Architects & Engineers to create new families or recreate existing families to new families which can be included in the project. We can even customize families through Editor tool. Project Environment is same as Revit Family Editor tool but its feature gets differentiated depending on the nature of families to be used in the project.

Revit Family Creation Services serves as the foundation of carrying out Architectural & MEP projects. Therefore, using the Revit Family Editor tool in Architectural project can provide with accurate doors, windows, plans, elevations, etc. It provides detailed families, with accurate dimensions and easy to modify changes in the families of the project.

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