Process of linking DWF Markup files in Revit project!

Process of linking DWF Markup files in Revit project!

Acquisition of information remains at the heart of Revit projects and that is why different kinds of files such as CAD, RVT and DWF etc are linked by users in their current project for availing significant information.  Whenever Revit projects are executed information from one source is never enough for the precise development of design and hence information is extracted from different sources. Accessibility of authentic information allows AEC professionals in eliminating expensive rework later on.

Linking DWF Markup files is quite a common practice for Revit users.

Process of linking DWF Markup files in Revit

  • For linking DWF files in Revit projects users are required to click ‘Insert tab’ in Revit after which they should click Link panel and finally select DWF Markup icon within Link panel.
  • After this users are required to select DWF markup file form Import/Link DWF File dialog.
  • Once DWF markup file is selected from Import/Link DWF File dialog users are required to click Open.
  • This helps in opening ‘The Link Markup Page to Revit Sheet dialog.’
  • Within  ‘The Link Markup Page to Revit Sheet dialog’ resides ‘DWF View column and this column reflects sheet view names which are already marked up in DWF file.
  • On the other hand corresponding sheet view is displayed Revit View column. If in case common sheet name is available in DWF file as well as in Revit file it means that Revit sheet name has already been filled in Revit View column automatically.
  • However when Revit sheet view name altered  after it was exported  by the users to DWF then a dialog is displayed by Revit View column which says that Revit View value is  ‘Not linked.’
  • In this case when Revit View value is ‘Not linked’ then Revit users are required to select a Revit sheet view and this can be done by clicking a box that which resides below Revit View column and after this a name should be selected by users from the list.

Once a name is selected by users from the list they should click ‘OK’ which places the DWF markups in the sheet view. On the sheet view DWF markups are placed as import symbol.

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