How to develop a view template based on the settings of a project view?

How to develop a view template based on the settings of a project view?

Before going into details I would first like to through some light on, what is a view template and why is it needed by Revit users? In the simplest terms view templates are the cluster of view properties that are implemented by users for applying standards settings for views. Visibility settings, detail level, and view scale etc are included in view template and all these things are quite important for users for maintaining consistency in the construction document sets. Views in a project can be controlled by users when they apply properties to them with the assistance of a view template.

Process of creating a view template based on settings of a project view

  • For creating a view template based on the settings of a project view Revit users are required to select a view from Project Browser from which they like to develop a view template.
  • And for doing so users are required to click Graphics panel that is located within View tab.
  • Once Graphics panel is selected they should then click ‘View Templates drop-down’ option after which they should select ‘Create Template from Current View.’
  • After this for entering a name for the template that users are creating they should click OK once a name is added by them in New View Template dialog.
  • Once the above step is performed The View Templates dialog displays in front of users.
  • Users should now modify the property values for the view template in question.
  • Users can now select the properties that they would like to add in the view template.
  • For doing so they can make use of Include option which allows them to include properties in the view template.
  • For eliminating properties from the view template Revit users should clear Include option.
  • Users don’t have to specify any value for the properties that they don’t want to incorporate in view template.
  • Revit users should click ‘OK’ when they are done with the modification of properties of a view template. And this completes our process.
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