Process of using ‘By Host View’ option for displaying linked model in a host view

Process of using ‘By Host View’ option for displaying linked model in a host view

There are various options that are available in Visibility/Graphics dialog box which is used by Revit users for governing the visibility of linked models in a host viewWhy is the visibility or display of a linked model so important in a host model? Well as models are linked for availing information for the current project their display in the current view becomes very important for users. Revit users have the luxury of changing display settings of a linked model in a host view. This means when model in linked in a host model its visibility settings can be changed according to users’ requirements in the current view.

By host view option can be used for applying filters as well as other graphic overrides to a view in the linked model that have already been applied to a view in the host model.

Use By host view option for controlling the visibility of linked model in the host model

  • For using ‘By host view’ option for displaying a linked model in a host view Revit users should open the view in host model first.
  • In the next step Revit users are required to click ‘View tab’ they should then click on to Graphics panel and finally select ‘Visibility/Graphics.’
  • After approaching Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog users are required to describe overrides for annotation categories, model categories and also for imported categories.
  • Users must be careful about adding a filter that can be applied to the host view.
  • After that within the Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog users must select Revit links tab.
  • When Revit links tab is selected by users it displays a table wherein different columns are present users are required to add a value in these columns.
  • Within Revit links tab in the Visibility column Revit users must select check box.
  • And in the Display Settings column Revit users are required to select the ‘By Host View’ option.
  • So once ‘By Host View’ option is selected by users under Display Settings column they should then click ‘OK.’
  • The described view filter would now apply to the current project, the linked model and the models that are linked to linked model.

So when a model is linked by using By Host View the entire database of linked model can be displayed in the host view.

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