Structural modeling: Tools required for adding structural elements in a model

Structural modeling: Tools required for adding structural elements in a model

Revit structure that is specifically crafted by Autodesk for assisting structural design team in developing effective models incorporates very crucial tools. These overriding tools are optimized by design professionals for adding crucial structural elements in a model. Without the availability of these tools effective development of structural model is irrational and unthinkable. For constructing 3D structural model numerous elements are required to be clubbed together by the professionals.

Description of tools required by structural design team

  • Structural Column Tools are used by Revit users for adding columns in a structural model. Columns are load bearing elements and they are an integral part of structural design. There is no dispute on the fact that structural columns share many similar properties that of architectural columns. But they still have additional properties which differentiate them from architectural columns.
  • For adding beams in a structural model Revit users have to make use of Beams Tools. Beams can also be defined as load-bearing structural elements that are generally placed horizontally in a model. They are either required to support the roof or the floor of a building.
  • Beam System Tools are used by modelers for adding a single framing element that incorporates a series of beams in it.
  • When users are required to add braces in structural model they have to use Brace Tools. Braces are always connected to columns and beams.
  • For adding trusses in 3D structural model in Revit users have to take the support of Truss Tools.
  • When floor is required to be added in a building model, users have to make use of Structural Floor Tool.
  • Reinforcement Tools are used by Revit users for adding reinforcement such as reinforcement bars and rebar etc to beams, columns and foundations etc.
  • For creating foundations in a structural model Revit users have to optimize foundation slabs, isolated foundations and wall foundations etc.
  • For sketching a structural wall in a 3D model, Revit users have to use Structural Wall Tool.

In this way effective structural model can be developed by modelers in Revit structure.

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