What is ‘Overlay method’ and ‘Attachment method’ in context of files linking system in Revit?

What is ‘Overlay method’ and ‘Attachment method’ in context of files linking system in Revit?

It is highly important for Revit users to stay clear regarding the uses of Overlay method and Attachment method when external files are linked to current Revit project. The fact remains that when a model is developed in Revit’s environment Revit users have to import or link various kinds of files that are developed in other Autodesk applications such as AutoCAD and different Revit disciplines such as Revit architecture and Revit structure. The purpose and intention behind linking the files is to assemble and accumulate information that is absolutely signification for developing models.

Overlay method of file linking

• So the first thing that must become clear or well known to every Revit users is that Revit files can either be linked in Revit projects by using overlay method or by Attachment method.

• When it comes to Revit settings, Overlay method is nothing but a default method available to Revit users.

• So when an interdisciplinary Revit file is linked by a Revit user in his project with the assistance of Overlay method, the linked Revit file definitely reflects in the host file but the problem lies with the link when the host file is added by Revit users in a different file.

• In other words the complications are faced by Revit users when a file in which a new Revit file is linked is further linked by Revit users in some other file than the link will not follow the earlier file that worked as host file.

• That means when files are linked by using Overlay method in a host file and when that host file is again linked to different file than links will not follow it.

Attachment method of file linking

• On the other hand when Revit users optimize Attachment method for linking a file in host project and if that particular host file is again linked by Revit users in some other Revit file than it will contain all the links which were earlier attached to it by the users.

• That means with the assistance of Attachment method, links are always followed in the host file in a linked file. In other words no matter how many times a file is linked in different files, links included in it will also be followed in the file it is linked into.

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