When do we use ‘Current Project tool’ and ‘Select link tool’ in Revit?

When do we use ‘Current Project tool’ and ‘Select link tool’ in Revit?

Both Current project tool and Select Link tool are highly essential for Revit users for selecting elements in Revit projects. For accessing these tremendously pivotal tools Revit users have to first approach the Copy/Monitor tool that is available on the coordinate panel on the collaborate tab.  When multi-discipline design teams such as architectural design team, structural design team and MEP design team collaborate on a project it becomes highly essential for them to maintain accuracy in the design and for doing so they need to coordinate changes among each other so that mistakes can be eliminated. Copy/Monitor tool, which provides access to Current project tool and Select link tool once it is clicked by Revit users, is largely used for copying the elements which can then be monitored.

Uses of Current Project tool and Select link tool

  • The first thing that should be known to users is that both select current project tool and Select link tool are located within the Copy/Monitor tool.
  • And the Copy/Monitor tool can be accessed by Revit users by going to coordinate panel that resides on the collaborate tab.
  • Once Revit users have approached Copy/Monitor tool, they are suggested to click it for accessing Current project tool and Select Link tool.
  • As soon as Copy/Monitor is clicked by Revit users a drop-down menu reflects in the screen wherein users can find the current project tool along with select link tool.
  • The current project tool is selected by Revit users from the drop down menu when they want to select objects or elements that belong to current project.
  • With the assistance of current project tool, elements of the current project can be easily copied and monitored by users. Don’t forget to user this tool when multiple people work on a single project.
  • If in case Revit users want to copy the elements from a model which is linked to their current project they should use Select Link tool which is available in the drop down menu that appears when Copy/Monitor tool is clicked.
  • For monitoring the elements of existing project with those of the elements of a linked project Revit users should use Select Link tool.
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