Shop Drawings for Metal Panels in Canada

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Developing Shop Drawings for metal panels of an industrial building in Canada
Project Objective

To prepare shop drawings for metal panels of exterior renovation of an industrial building in Canada

Client Summary

The client is a leading building envelope contractor throughout Canada and are leaders in creating Architectural Facades.

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Project Summary

Tesla had to develop shop drawings for aluminum soffit and aluminum composite wall panels for an industrial structure. This was an exterior renovation project and our scope of work included:

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Girt and Flashing Schedules
  3. Wall Assembly
  4. Reflected Ceiling Plans
  5. Roof Plan
  6. Exterior Elevations
  7. Wall Sections
  8. Section Details
  9. Plan details

The client had provided us with the pdf files of the architectural drawings along with a sample drawing so that we can follow the client’s standards.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Completed Shop drawings in AutoCAD and pdf formats

  • Comparably small, it still had 4 different types of wall & soffit assembly and a cladding which had to be laid on its pylon sign.
  • Its inherent request was that the cladding intersections had to be redrawn to align into a grid when observed in elevations.
  • We also faced several issues while determining corner and wall end details as the walls had different wall thicknesses for which we had to introduce different types of sub girts in the details to resolve them.