What is a type catalog and how to create it?

What is a type catalog and how to create it?

A type catalog is used by users when they develop a large Revit family that requires many types. A type catalog can be defined as a list of types that are organized in a systematic form within it, and it allows users to choose and load appropriate types for the family they are creating. For creating a type catalog Revit users are required to develop an external text file that incorporates within it parameters as well as parameter values. Parameter, as well as parameter values that are contained in the external text file, should be for creating different types in a particular family.  External text file must be placed by Revit user in the same location as family file so that when the family is selected for loading in the project type catalog can also be displayed.

Process of creating type catalog in Revit

  • Revit users can create a type catalog with the assistance of an existing family by using Export Family Types tool.
  • Export Family Types tool can be used by Revit users for developing a base type catalog and they can then edit the text file with the help of text editor.
  • So users should open an existing family that incorporates complete parameters and data for base types.
  • So what users are required to do is click Revit, go to ‘Exports’ and then select ‘Family Types’ icon from it.
  • After this, Revit users should approach ‘Export As dialog’ and make sure that the type catalog as well as the family has same name. The only difference is that the type catalog will be with a .txt extension. Another thing that should be ensured by users in ‘Export As dialog’ is that both the type catalog and the family should be saved in the same directory.
  • For saving it users are required to click ‘Save.’
  • Now users are required to open the newly created .txt file in text editor.
  • Parameter declaration is the first line of the .txt file when it is opened in text editor.
  • Revit users can define additional parameters as per their requirement and in the course of the action they should not forget to use delimiter and syntax.
  • For creating additional types in the catalog users are required to duplicate the type syntax. Apart from this they should modify type name as well as parameter values for developing additional types.
  • And our process completes when the additional types are created for type catalog.
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