Description of ‘Results tab’ in Navisworks and its importance for users

Description of ‘Results tab’ in Navisworks and its importance for users

Instead of jumping straight forward to ‘Results tab’ let me brief readers about the utilization of Navisworks in construction. It is highly dynamic project review software that is utilized for inspecting 3D models for the intended purpose of predicting project outcomes. The project outcomes can be effectively controlled by taking effective decisions much before actual construction.

Detection of clashes between multidiscipline models in Navisworks enables AEC professionals to save countless hours and high efforts that they used to apply prior to the evolution of project review software.

A brief note on Results tab’ in Navisworks

  • Results tab is a tab in Navisworks that contains the results of a clash test after it is conducted by users.
  • All the identified clashes can be interactively examined by AEC professionals in the Results tab.
  • Apart from the list of discovered clashes Results tab also incorporates numerous controls for managing the clashes.
  • All the identified clashes are accommodated in a multi-column table within Results tab.
  • Clashes are automatically listed in the Results tab according to their seriousness.
  • When users scroll through the clashes they can view the summary preview of the identified clashes. This helps users in locating the clashes conveniently. If required Navisworks users can resize the columns.
  • Results tab allow users to group the clashes into folders depending upon their gravity to affect the project. Another reason behind grouping clashes is to manage the clashes appropriately as they are detected in large numbers.
  • Users have the luxury of viewing the summary of newly selected clash test as it is displayed right on top of Results tab.
  • The Test Panel can be displayed by the users at any point of time simply by clicking at ‘expansion button’ within Results tab.
  • The status of the clashes is visually identified under ‘Status column’ within Results tab.
  • Within the status column clashes are shown as ‘New’ ‘Active’ ‘Reviewed’ ‘Approved’ and ‘Resolved.’

So in this way Results tab helps in understanding the identified clashes.

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