How can accurate 3D CAD Modeling benefit to the design process?

How can accurate 3D CAD Modeling benefit to the design process?


Drafting Services can offer various benefits during the product design and development process that allows engineers to produce a better-visualized model presentation of the product when created, which facilitates the product design process.

3D CAD Modeling is often used by architects and engineers to improve the efficiency and aesthetic of their design to accomplish the project. For technical works in all discipline involved in the construction project, designers often use 3D CAD Model to process the design drafting process effectively like analysis of assembly drawings.

3D CAD Drafting Services helps to understand clearly the design intent and allows the designer can draw in any angle on 2D Drawing with better visualization of the designed product. After 3D Model being generated, final images and files are rendered for presentation and visual tour of the components. Making any last moment changes in 3D CAD Model is easier and can be carried for all the disciplines.

Types of 3D CAD Models

Three types of 3D CAD Models can be used in the process of product design.

3D Wireframe

3D Wireframe is equivalent to 2D CAD design system and might not be useful these days. In 2D CAD drawings, all the lines were manually drawn, and the end product could be of no use as no additional properties can be added or attached with it than the 3D CAD Modeling. For the final output process, these drawings were used.

3D Dumb Solids

3D Dumb Solids are created by manipulating real objects in the 3D Model and is not useful similarly to 3D Wireframe in today’s world for 3D Scanning Services. It is 3D geometric figures like cylinders, prisms, etc. that are added and minus to create real-world objects. It uses 2D Drawing to create project views, and 3D Model cannot move in motion between the components.

3D Parametric Modeling

3D Parametric Solid Modeling usually requires an operator to utilize design intent, which means that the designer makes the design in 3D Modeling. The design depicts the relationship between features and components in part assemblies of the parts. In the virtual model, the image or design can be rendered by manipulating, rotating, retrieving, and modifying it at the right time.

Benefits of 3D CAD Modeling

Benefits that 3D CAD Modeling provides product development and design process are as follows:-

  • 3D CAD Drawings maintain accuracy and quality of the product design process to acquire detail design, fewer errors and can fit together from multiple viewpoints.
  • Changes are made easier and faster to 3D models that direct revision control during the design process. It makes customization to model as per standards and market needs.
  • 3D CAD Software can test part assemblies through a full motion to detect any collision and rectify it.
  • 3D CAD Model can design and build standards much faster with progress to attain an end goal. It will allow creating photo-realistic renderings of the model.
  • 3D CAD Model will develop product designs; visualize concepts, and how a design will perform.
  • 3D CAD Design saves time and resources of a project and enhances the conceptual and detailed design of the model.


CAD Modeling has transformed the way traditional 2D Drawing was made and consumed a lot of time to acquire detailed drawings and accuracy. But as digitalization has boomed in the construction industry, it has brought many changes to 2D CAD Drafting Services and provides 3D CAD Modeling that improves efficiency, saves time; money is well utilized and depicts clear presentation of the model. Any changes in the model can be easily made and rectified in the design process that not just enhances conceptual design but also gives details to the drawings.

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